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The freshest way to engage with your customers on the Sunshine Coast.

My Weekly Preview (MWP) has transformed the print media landscape in the Sunshine Coast and Noosa regions by delivering the only high-quality gloss news and lifestyle magazine fresh every Thursday. Capturing the essence of our vibrant and growing part of southeast Queensland, each week MWP blends just the right amount of news, information, lifestyle and property content that engages one on one with our growing weekly audience.

Hands down the best quality weekly free publication in the market, and with the highest readership. MWP is now in its 12th year and growing. MWP’s reach into the community continues to climb at a phenomenal rate. Our recent innovation of a dynamic distribution method has driven the pick-up response rates to never before seen levels. Put simply, we continue to defy international trends within the print industry.

Our new dynamic distribution process ensures a higher readership which equates to more potential customers for our advertisers. We have significantly increased the number of copies available at more highly visible pick-up locations (hot spots) across the region to ensure more people can read MWP more often.

The demand for MWP via these pick-up locations continues to eclipse the competition with a measurable pick-up rate at an average of 96 per cent. Add to that our targeted high-value home delivery and you get one of the strongest advertising vehicles in the region.

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