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From jellyfish to Lego, kids will love these virtual activities

Legoland will offer a live stream.


From jellyfish to Lego, kids will love these virtual activities

Kids and adults alike will love these live streaming events from SEA LIFE and Legoland.

Merlin Entertainments is coming to the self-isolation rescue by offering special behind the scenes access during the pandemic.

The events take place each day and will be stream on Facebook Live.  The range of venues spanning across SEA LIFE Aquariums, WILD LIFE Zoos and LEGOLAND offer engaging, educational and amusing videos for all ages to enjoy.

Choose to sit back and watch the show or chime in and ask questions in real time. Be sure to check the dates below so you don’t miss any of the action!

Tuesday, April 21:

  • Visit SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast at 10am to accompany Luke from The Aquarium Vet and SEA LIFE’s aquarists on their weekly animal checks! Find out what it’s like working in an aquarium and caring for thousands of aquatic animals.
  • Fly over to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre at 11am for an airplane building workshop. This week the team is travelling the world with LEGO, starting with a lesson from master model builder Kieran on how to build an airplane!


Wednesday, April 22:

  • Head to WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo at 10am to join keepers Ash and Caroline for a special bilby feed! Meet one of Australia’s most famous, yet sadly, most endangered nocturnal creatures, the bilby. Learn about what they eat, why they are endangered and what you can do to help.
  • Dive into SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium at 10:30am to hear all about coral reefs, which are known as the rainforests of the sea! Join the team on Earth Day as they discuss all things coral, reefs and the importance of conservation.
  • Take a break at SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium at 4pm with a calming live stream of mesmerising jellyfish pulsing through the breathtaking Ocean Invaders exhibit.


Thursday, April 23:     

  • Wade into SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast at 10am for an education talk in the Billabong Zone. Join education officer Sam as she hangs out with beautiful Australian creatures such as archerfish and lungfish. Learn how the way you treat your backyard can have a wider effect on the environment and the creatures within it.
  • Do you know how much a frog should weigh? Hop over to WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo at 10.30am for feeding and weigh-in time for our magnificent tree frogs, green tree frogs and golden bell frogs. Meet vet nurse Kellie and vet Mike as they give the frogs their lunch and conduct a health check.


Friday, April 24:

  • Jump over to WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo 10.30am for story time with Justine. This week, hear a story about the adventure of an adorable koala joey.
  • Unwind at the end of the week with SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium at 8pm for a VIP virtual tour. Ease into the weekend as you descend into the mysterious world of jellyfish, are surrounded by massive sharks and rays, and wander into the icy Penguin Playground. 


Saturday, April 25: 

  • Waddle into SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium at 9am on World Penguin Day to discover the adorable story of Sphengic! Join the keepers on the ice to hear all about the famous penguin trio – Sphen, Magic and Sphengic.


Sunday, April 26:

  • Ride over to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne at 11am for a LEGO workshop with Kieran the master model builder. Kieran is wrapping up a week of travel content by showing off his home city of Melbourne and building an iconic Melbourne tram.


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