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How to get more out of your feet

Get more out of your feet

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How to get more out of your feet

Our feet are the foundation of our bodies – the link between us and the ground we stand and walk on. We may not think about our feet when they are working well. However, when we run into problems with our feet this can have a major effect on our quality of life, potentially causing issues with the hips, spine, lower back, shoulders and neck. Dan Everson from Dan Everson Podiatry shares his advice on how to treat your feet with care.

1. Wash your feet properly
It’s important to wash your feet using soap and warm water, and avoid extremely hot water as it can dry out the skin. Pay particular attention to drying between the toes to prevent fungal infections.

2. Shoe sizing
Considering shoe sizes vary across brands, and feet size can change across our lifespan, it is best to get your feet professionally measured and try on the larger and smaller size when buying shoes.

3. Don’t ignore foot pain
If your feet do start to hurt, don’t ignore it. Seek professional help before that pain may become a bigger health concern.

4. Limber up
These exercises will help your feet. Spend five minutes writing the alphabet with pointed toes or roll your feet over a tennis ball. Wiggling your ankles around will also improve blood flow in your legs and feet.


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