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How to: style your bathroom

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How to: style your bathroom

  1. Lighting

Identify the areas you need to light and the type of lighting you require. Start with your base – LED downlights are a great option. From there, identify focus areas, such as the vanity. Do you want statement lighting or something a little more practical? Talk to your local specialist about the right lights for your space and needs.

  1. Flooring

A rug is a great way to bring warmth into your bathroom, both visually and practically. It will soften hard floors and add a pop of colour, pattern and personality into the room. Wool wears well against mildew and mould, while synthetic materials are also a good option.

  1. Greenery

A selection of potted plants or pretty bouquets are a must for any bathroom. If you opt for florals, draw on the colours of your linen, or tiles and cabinetry to create a complementary arrangement.

  1. Accents

This contemporary bathroom clearly demonstrates the role minor accents can play in a bathroom – the black pops beautifully against the otherwise neutral palette. Do your research and choose wisely when it comes to tapware, cupboard handles and towel hooks. Remember, that the little things can make the largest style statement.

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