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Looking on the bright side

Eskimo Joe frontman Kav Temperley is sharing his sensitive side.


Looking on the bright side

Eskimo Joe frontman Kav Temperley is sharing his sensitive side.

Kav Temperley has been a steady part of the Australian rock scene since 1997 as the frontman of Eskimo Joe, and now he is also stepping out with a solo career that will take his fans to calmer waters.

Mr Temperley released his debut solo album All Your Devotion on September 28 and following a high-energy Eskimo Joe performance at the Caloundra Music Festival on the weekend, he will return to the Sunshine Coast for a stripped back and raw acoustic performance.

The latest single from the album, Pollyanna, was penned a few years ago as Mr Temperley was working through the breakdown of his marriage at the same time as bandmates Stuart MacLeod and Joel Quartermain decided it was time for Eskimo Joe to take a short break.

“A friend once told me that our happiness is always relative, whether we live in a war zone or paradise – our happiness always swings back to the same place. I had just lost my marriage and the band had decided to take a break, all of these things that defined me were now no longer around,” he says.

“It was one of the first times in my life I felt like a stranger just rolling along, but I realised that amongst all of this I was a Pollyanna, someone despite the bad news always looks on the bright side. This was a song I was singing to myself to remember to stay light.”

Mr Temperley says he wanted to give his first solo project plenty of room to grow and evolve, spending more than two years bringing All Your Devotion to life.

“As a songwriter, there were so many songs I had already written that never made it to fruition through Eskimo Joe, but I decided to go and start from scratch, so I was writing stuff I had been inspired by at the time,” he says.

“While Eskimo Joe has always been a big-sounding band with lots of bells and whistles and big stage production, I was seeking something soothing and mellow, like a soothing balm for your ears.”

The intimate production has created an opportunity for Mr Temperley to perform in a way he never has before, with just a guitar and a microphone on stage. And he says it will most likely be a once-in-a-lifetime gig.

“When you perform with a band on stage, it doesn’t feel appropriate to sit down and tell stories about your songs, but with this style of gig, the story becomes almost as important as the songs themselves,” he says.

“The audience can really be a fly on the wall and look into how it was for me to create each sing… I might keep talking forever, but I am going to play plenty  of songs.”

Kav Temperley will be at the Villa Noosa Hotel on October 6 at 8pm. For tickets, visit


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