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Mindset or supplementation?

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Mindset or supplementation?

Mindset or supplementation?

Jodi Chapman says a combination of mindset techniques and nutritional replenishment can assist in overcoming emotional stress.

Being well doesn’t always go to plan, leaving you to decide whether to seek advice and support. For some people, a highly stressful life will cause symptoms of mood disorders or disease and may be triggered by the emotional situation, which then contributes further to either their physical or mental health.

For more patients, these same feelings or conditions come on for no apparent reason and are not stress induced.

In either case, the emotional stress that comes with dealing with health issues utilises higher nutrients to produce the brain chemicals and hormones that are required to cope.

When gut inflammation is involved, and it often is, nutrients that are commonly found to be deficient are B12, B6, folic acid, vitamin D, DHEA hormone and a range of minerals. Inflammation will lead to deficiency due to a lack of absorption and will have a major influence on your inability to break the cycle of low energy, low mood, and disease processes.

Stress reducing techniques and positive mindset, while very important to maintain a balanced state, are not able to fill deficiencies when it has become too late.
However, they are important in breaking the cycle and maintaining the longevity of your wellness.
A combination of both positive mindset techniques and nutritional replenishment and supplementation will always give a more effective and speedy recovery and is essential to restore wellness.

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