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A rom com for our times

Barry Havenga as ‘Matt’ and Aliandra Calabrese as ‘Bianca’


A rom com for our times

A new romantic comedy filmed entirely on the Sunshine Coast portrays the anguish and excitement of long-distance relationships.

Have you ever experienced the excitement and delight of a long-distance love affair? Communicating over borders, anticipating the next contact, carrying a beau with you in your heart as you go about your day. Thankfully, the good things don’t change, even if the technology does.

Perfect Messy Love, a new romance comedy web series filmed entirely on the Sunshine Coast, tells the story of Emily and Matt, who develop their relationship via video chat. The series opens in London with Emily’s life falling apart. This leads to Emily swapping her London flat with surfer Matt’s Sunshine Coast beach house. They sort out the messiness of their circumstances through spending time together, albeit online.

Perfect Messy Love was developed with investment from Screen Queensland and has been produced by two local screen creatives Tam Sainsbury and Megan Williams (directed by Tam Sainsbury and written by Megan Williams) and supported by a cast and crew of over 40 Sunshine Coast and Queensland-based artists, including post production, music composer, talent and social media experts.

Set at Moffat Beach, we watch Emily, an English aspiring romance author accidentally test her theories of perfect love when she develops an interest in her house swap partner, Matt while writing her first novel. What she finds is the man who could be her true love is anything but perfect, but the messy life that develops from their budding romance might be. Their love is ignited over the Christmas festive season as Matt experiences his first winter Christmas and Emily, her first Aussie beachside one. Both are up for a surprise!

Emily discovers the joy of taking Matt’s dog to the beach on Christmas day and Matt struggles to keep warm in Emily’s pink dressing gown. Being a Queensland lad, he didn’t take enough warm clothes with him.

“It was certainly a tonne of fun writing this rom com”, says screenwriter Ms Williams. “The set was in stitches watching a six-foot plus-bloke rocking that pink gown,” says Ms Sainsbury, the director, who thoroughly enjoyed directing this series.

“It is a lovely light Christmas rom com that everyone can enjoy at this time of year”, she adds.

The Perfect Messy Love producers, cast and crew worked tirelessly for three months to bring 80 minutes of fun to a global audience via YouTube, at the back end of months of production shutdowns due to COVID. The production crew observed the new COVID restrictions for Australian Production sets and got the
job done.

“We are very proud to announce Screen Queensland has funded our project, quite an achievement for the Sunshine Coast Film community”, says executive producer Livia Hanich, chair of the Sunshine Coast Screen Collective.

Perfect Messy Love is a nine-episode web series and launches on December 12. You can catch it on YouTube at or Tune in for the online premier at 7pm on Saturday December 12. Please follow social media for updates and to view teasers @perfectmessylove.

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