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Human feats on show


Human feats on show

The circus is in town, but don’t expect to see elephants and tigers.

“Hey, there! Hoop-la! the circus is in town! Have you seen the elephant? Have you seen the clown?’ questions Australian poet CJ Dennis in his 1921 verse.

In 2020, Scout the Clown from Circus Rio has the answer: “Well there are no amazing animals at this circus – only amazing people.”

The spectacular Circus Rio has come to perform with stupendous style, daredevil deeds and jaw-dropping trapeze acts at our very own Sunshine Coast Stadium.

With a brand-new cast and a brand-new show, under new management. Circus Rio is bringing together a unique team of internationally acclaimed performers under the Big Top.

In true Christmas spirit the stadium will be transformed into a Christmas Wonderland starring all of your favourite characters – beautiful aerial angels, jolly jugglers, acrobatic elves, and perhaps even a big Grumpy Green one… And of course, a magical visit from the big man himself, Santa Claus!

Scout the clown promises some incredible mouth juggling.

“I am one of only three or four mouth jugglers in country,” Scout proudly says.

“I use candy or bubblegum to show off my skills, but you will have to come along to find out just how brilliant I am at this.”

Besides, being very pleased with himself, Scout the Clown is happy to share the limelight.

“Brodie Hart will doing the best motorcycle stunts you have ever seen,” he boasts.

“In a generous moment, Scout the clown also advises not to miss the trapeze acts. In fact, he promises that they will be nearly as good as his own hilarious act.

“There are three aerialists,” he says.

“They work with hula hoops and air tissue and do the absolutely incredible Cloud Swing – that’s all I’ll tell you,” he continues.

“Come and see me at the circus.”

Circus Rio is suitable for families, teenagers, singles, and couples alike. The show features jugglers, aerialists, acrobatics, Cyr wheel, hand-balancing, clowning, illusion, and FMX riders – with a finale somersault stunt 15-metres high through the air above the stage!

Tickets are strictly limited due to COVID restriction and bookings are essential.

Call 0477 313 131 or visit

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