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Painting potential


Painting potential

Get ready, get set and get painting to rejuvenate your favorite furniture pieces. WORDS: Gail Forrer

Painting your existing furniture is a chance to individualise your interior space.Perhaps you have some quality older furniture that’s in need of a little TLC. Whether it’s a dated piece or a vintage gem, you can revitalise it with a modern vision and some handiwork. There’s plenty of choice. Distressed or block colour? Glossy or matte? Once you have these starting blocks, it’s time to pinpoint the right paint for the project.


Hot pink has depth and energy. Use it as an accent colour alongside cool-toned brights, with reds and pinks for a tonal symphony, or buffer with warm cocoa tones for sophisticated elegance. This shade injects glamour and joy to any room and is called Capri Pink by Annie Sloan.


This squiggle line was created using Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Antoinette,. A large brush was used and dragged along the furniture to make the lines. The edges were neatened up using a detail brush. The colour Florence was added to the interior of the piece to give a joyous colour pop.


Issue 5 of Annie Sloan’s magazine focuses on heat and spice. Discover how furniture artists have been inspired by vintage colour theory diagrams and travel the world of colour – from the spice markets of India to the Swedish archipelagos. Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint can be found at Chapter Two Interiors in Buderim and Maleny.

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