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On trend: Jungle vibes

The jungle theme is popular in interior design in 2017

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On trend: Jungle vibes

Lush greens, deep blues and vibrant orange – welcome to the jungle.

This quirky style has once again raised its head, taking on catwalks all over the globe.

Fashion labels are dishing out the tropical-themed designs and consumers are lapping it up.

And, as often is the case, the runway trends drive interior style.

This time is no different with the theme popping up in homes around the world.

All you need to do is take a stroll through local boutiques and homewares stores to see that this trend has certainly taken hold.

Green Pepper from Haymes Paint

Greenery was announced as this year’s Pantone Colour of the Year, and for good reason. Add a splash of green paint to a room and create a unique feature wall.
Alternatively, brighten up a white space by painting a vintage cabinet. We like the Green Pepper colour from Haymes Paint.

 The Byron lantern from Harvey Norman
A room’s styling doesn’t only rely on big ticket items such as furniture, paint and flooring. Decor accents are just as important in completing a style. Choose pieces that tie the design together nicely. We like this Byron lantern from Harvey Norman. Visit

Jungle is a popular interior design theme

Keep in mind that adopting
the jungle theme doesn’t necessarily mean garish patterns and bold colour. This design perfectly illustrates how the addition of a simple cushion and potted plant can turn a plain chair and sitting room into a relaxing, tropical space.


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