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Sconetime founder needs your help


Sconetime founder needs your help

There is something about a good cup of tea and fresh scones with jam and cream that brings a sense of warmth to your day.

Now, Sunshine Coast Foodie Martin Duncan is asking for old teapots, cups, saucers and side plates ready for a new life as part of the popular Sconetime events.

“Our treasures who attend Sconetime get so much joy out of drinking tea out of a cup that brings back special memories of their rich colourful lives,” Mr Duncan says. “Many got bone china for their 21st and wedding presents or used them at dance suppers.”

Sconetime is scheduled to begin again in March after a COVID hiatus, with events held in Caloundra, Bankfoot House, Nambour and Cooroy.

“Sconetime [is] a wonderful opportunity for older people, along with their carers, companions and family to establish a regular monthly social event where people from the community and business come together over scones,” Mr Duncan says.

He is also looking for Sconetime volunteers. For donations email

For Sconetime events visit and click on the Sunshine Coast Foodie Events tab.

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