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The power of the mind

Filmmaker James Colquhoun is back with a new series that challenges viewers to live a life less ordinary.

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The power of the mind

Filmmaker James Colquhoun is back with a new series that challenges viewers to live a life less ordinary.

James Colquhoun believes we have the capacity to create heaven or hell on earth, just with our own minds. The Sunshine Coast filmmaker behind the successful Food Matters and Hungry for Change documentaries has turned his attention to the power of the mind in his latest documentary series. Transcendence 2 – Live Life Beyond the Ordinary delves into the importance of clearing emotional and energetic blocks to heal your body and transcend limiting beliefs.

“The World Health Organisation says mental heath is going to be the biggest challenge in our future,” Mr Colquhoun says. “We’re not really taught what to do, how to solve these issues. There are practices with science behind them that can reduce fear, depression, anxiety and overwhelm. Instead of funnelling your money into drugs, quick fixes and band-aids, you can adopt simple practices that take only a few minutes a day and you can radically transform your life.”

Mr Colquhoun created the series with his wife and co-director, Laurentine ten Bosch, who is currently living in Vanuatu with their two children, Hugo and Rangi. Mr Colquhoun was on an international trip when coronavirus struck and was unable to return to Vanuatu. At the time of writing, he’s back on the Sunshine Coast, awaiting an opportunity to reunite with his family.

“In Vanuatu, the government has been handing out seeds and soil, which is so amazing,” he says. “It just goes to show the resilience of populations that are connected to food supply and community. We’ve moved local support to a government level and it becomes a complex, less communal system. In that system, we
start to see the breakdown of other things – mental health issues, physical health issues – because we’re feeling overall less connected to our food and to our community. But we’re starting to wake up.”

Mr Colquhoun says it’s been a natural progression from looking at physical health when Food Matters came out in 2008, to now looking at the power of the mind. “With Food Matters, we were behind the core premise of you are what you eat,” he says. “Now in season two of Transcendence, we go into the concept of you are what you think. The quality of your life, your health, your relationship, your finances, is directly related to the quality of your thoughts. Your mind has a supreme capability to control the outcome of your life.”

The five-part docuseries shares tales of triumph, adversity and wisdom from visionaries and leaders such as Sir Ken Robinson, Reverend Michael Beckwirth, Vishen Lakhiani, Anthony William and Turia Pitt, a beacon of hope for many who have experienced extreme trauma.

There are some amazing stories in the series, such as people who have been in major car crashes or lost children and then experienced an awakening and found inner peace. But Mr Colquhoun says we don’t have to wait for a tragedy to experience an awakening that changes our mindset.

“Sometimes we leave it to chance, while we wait for that car crash, cancer diagnosis, breakup and you think, what have I done all my life? My contention is, why don’t we do that now? Have that awakening now?

“Through breathwork, cleansing, juicing, meditation, tapping – once you apply these things for a period of time, everything becomes easier. You are more on purpose, happier, less stressed. I just want to help people have a more empowered experience of life and I think the next big evolution is the evolution of consciousness.”

A worldwide online premiere of Transcendence 2 is now screening free on the Gaia network until May 28. Visit


Leigh Robshaw is a journalist who has worked in the media industry for more than 20 years. Originally from Sydney, she has lived and worked in London, Tokyo and Latin America. She joined the team in 2012 and is MWP's deputy editor. Writing, reading and travel are her greatest passions.

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