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Mix FM's Todd Widdicombe shares his life lessons


Todd’s tales

Todd Widdicombe is back with some new puns and an ace pale ale.

As I’m sure you know by now, I’m a bandit for a pun. In fact I’m borderline obsessed with them.

By definition a pun, also called paronomasia, is a “form of word play that exploits multiple meanings of a term or of similar sounding words, intended for humorous or rhetorical effect”. Whatevs Wikipedia, I just love ‘em.

We took our kids to Australia Zoo for Steve Irwin Day last week, I saw a baguette in a little cage, apparently it’s bread in captivity.

Terrible news with that French cheese factory exploding on Monday, looks like there’s nothing left but de brie.

Just found out a Four’n Twenty costs five bucks in the Bahamas and 10 bucks in Jamaica. That’s the pie rates of the Caribbean.

Been obsessed with Oasis lately and my friends have asked me to please stop singing Wonderwall. I said maybeeeeeee.

Funny how plastic surgery used to be such a taboo subject. These days you mention Botox and nobody raises an eyebrow.

My best mate told me to cheer up. He said, “C’mon, Toddy, at least you’re not stuck in a deep hole full of water”. I know he means well.

Saw an ad for funerals and cemetery plots on TV. I thought that’s the last thing I need.

Finally met a Transformer the other night, he was the boss of the Autobots and his mission was to make awesome beers here on Earth. Called himself Hoptimus Prime.

On that note, let’s transform and roll out with this week’s little bit of deliciousness from the champions at Revel Brewing Co.

Revel has brought brewing back to Bulimba in Brisvegas and they’re all over it like plastic covers on my mum’s ‘good furniture’. Just a couple of streets back from the Brissie River, Revel has set up a cracking little brewery with a beer garden and pizzeria and is churning out some seriously top quality beers.

The award-winning Oxford Pale Ale, proudly named after the colourful, character-filled street the brewery is on, is a New World Pale, brewed with all the right gear from Australia and New Zealand and some solid fruity US hops thrown into the mix. Pouring a deep orange in colour, the Oxford has a cracking fruity aroma, with a slight biscuity sweetness and a dry bitter finish making this a tasty treat for the upcoming festive season.

It’s a fact, good people drink good beer. Like old mate the writer chap, Shakesbeer, who famously said: “To beer or not to beer, that is the question”.

The answer? To beer.

The Revel Brewing Co Oxford Pale Ale celebrates the triumphant return of fresh, local and independent brewing to Bulimba in style and rates a solid four out of five thumbs up.

REVEL Brewing Co Oxford Pale Ale 5% Alc/Vol

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