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Todd Widdicombe dips his toe in IPA waters and he likes what he’s tasting.

Every year there are new words and phrases, new sayings that enter our vernacular and become trendy buzzwords like ‘cray’ (crazy) ‘on point’ (nailed it) and ‘sketchy’ (suss).

One of the biggest of 2018 was ‘FOMO’, which as I reckon you’d know by now means the ‘fear of missing out’. As a 43-year-old I’ll see your FOMO and raise you JOMO. Yep, you got it girlfriend, the ‘joy of missing out’. Let me tell ya I’m all over JOMO like a fat man on a Zinger burger.

Seriously I’m never happier than when someone cancels plans. That’s what happens when you hit 40-plus, you’re at least 10 kilos overweight, you sweat constantly, you’ve got five years left until your phone totally confuses you and you’d rather stay home.

Now in our time together we’ve also explored well-known sayings that just don’t make sense to me. I know I’ve banged on and on about the old ‘believe you me’. But come on! It’s nuts! If I’m telling you the story surely it should be ‘believe ME, YOU’. Am I right?

‘I slept like a baby’. Really? You slept like a baby? So you woke up three times, messed ya trousers then cried yourself back to sleep? Good on you.

When someone dies we refer to them as ‘late’. My ‘late’ Aunty Trish, she was a good sort. Here’s a tip for you – Aunty Trish isn’t late kids, she’s not coming at all.

‘Money doesn’t buy you happiness’. What an outdated old saying that is. Sure, money doesn’t buy you happiness, but it will buy you a super yacht and that’s pretty close.

‘I’ve been working like a dog’ – really? So you’re doing bugger all then? If you’re anything like my dog Pepper Potts, you’re lying around all day, licking yourself until someone comes to the door. Nice work if you can get it.

‘Fake it til you make it’ is not just a stupid saying, but it’s dangerous too. Faking it til you make it might work around the office people, but it’s not great if you fly helicopters.

And finally, the classic, ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’. Well life better give you a bag of sugar and some fizzy water coz otherwise the best you can muster is lemon juice.

I say when life gives you lemons, grab a bottle of gin and cut up those bad boys!

Gin was THE drink of 2018, closely followed by local craft beers, and one that’s a ripper is 10 Toes Brewery’s Happy Days.

This American-style IPA packs a punch baby. Now I’m more of a straight-up pale ale and usually IPAs are too bitter for me, but Rupert and the 10 Toes locals have created a cracking IPA that everyone will enjoy. It’s based on the West Coast IPA, with mandarin, peach and tangerine aromas. A solid hop-driven beer that’s big on flavour with a well-crafted restrained bitterness and a crisp malt profile.

I still say the 10 Toes Pipeline Pale Ale is king, but if that’s the case, Happy Days is the prince. I give the 10 Toes Happy Days IPA a well-earned 3.75 out of five thumbs up!

10 toes happy days ipa 6% ABV

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