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Todd Widdicombe


Todd’s tales

Todd Widdicombe buddies up with Larry, a friendly pale ale from Your Mates Brewing Co.

It seemed like a good idea, really it did, when Sami (the girl I talk with on the radio) said, “You know Tim here at work? He’s a single guy. We should set him up.” I thought, yep, that’s a great idea lady.

So I got to work right away setting him up. It was only when the cops led Timmy away in handcuffs that I realised my mistake.

When Sami said “set him up” she didn’t actually mean plant a bag of cocaine and a handgun in the top drawer of his desk. My bad. Simple misunderstanding really.

Like the time I called the adult superstore and asked for one adult.

Worse still was the simple misunderstanding that time I was doing some casual work at the local chemist and a bloke asked me if Viagra worked and I said “yes” and he said “so can you get it over the counter?” and I said “only if I take two”.

Then there’s the pet shop disaster of ’98 when I said to my wife “oh this sucks, the kitten has eaten all the grapes” and she said “well just get some more”.

Yet later that day I arrive home drowning in kittens and that’s when she says, “ummm I meant more gra… you know what, don’t worry about it”.

Speaking of my wife, when she told her dad we were engaged he said, “well Todd, you should have asked me first”.

I was like “arr sorry Bill, I get this is awkward but you’re not really my type”. Misunderstanding.

One thing I can assure you won’t find me stuffing up the details on is the pure awesomeness of Your Mates Brewing Co.

Throughout history there have been remarkable duos like Burke and Wills, Crockett and Tubbs, Jagger and Richards, chips and gravy, and now there’s Hepburn and McGarry.

These two mates, Matt Hepburn and Christen McGarry, have slogged it out over the past few years building a local brewing empire.

As it says on their website, the Your Mates story represents big dreams, big cohones and the spirit of mateship. This is all reflected in their signature beer, Larry.

Larry Pale Ale is everyone’s buddy – relaxed and casual but also sharp as, keen to let it rip and armed with a witty one-liner or two.

He’s always ready to offer wisdom and guidance but then just as happy to chill and take it all in. In a nutty, Larry’s a legend.

The Your Mates Brewing Co is gypsy brewing with the MacLeods gang in Maleny and gathering momentum like a fat politician tumbling down the steps of parliament.

And I am stoked to say Larry’s a ripper in a can; easily one of the best pale ales on offer and perfect for the festive season celebrations ahead. Larry nails a well deserved four-and-a-half thumbs up out of five.

Your Mates Brewing Co Larry Pale Ale 4.5% ABV 375ml Can

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