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Mix FM's Todd Widdicombe shares his life lessons


Todd’s tales

Todd Widdicombe lays bare the facts of life while he samples a new pale ale that comes pretty close to perfection.

Fact: my wife Michelle is so much better looking than me and I am batting so far above my average that the girl at the checkout just put a plastic divider through the middle of our shopping.

Fact: in China it’s considered very bad luck to be eaten by a lion.

Fact: mums get a whole day to celebrate their greatness each year. Sharks get a whole week.

Fact: you gotta give a solid hi-five for Jesus right? I mean the guy is born, WE get presents. The guy dies, WE get chocolate. I know right, what’s not to love about that?

Fact: on that note, a man at Church said that Jesus loves me, but I only like him, so now it’s awkward.

Fact: if chameleons did their jobs better we wouldn’t even know about the existence of chameleons. Having said that, you really wouldn’t know on any given day how many chameleons were living at your joint.

Fact: the biggest lie from my childhood was ‘anti-skip protection’ on my Sony Discman.

Fact: nowhere in the nursery rhyme does it say that Humpty was an egg.

Fact: having a dog gives you a glimpse into parenthood. Having a cat gives you a glimpse into marriage.

Fact: Tom Selleck is the patron saint of moustaches.

Fact: lasagne is just spaghetti cake.

Fact: how to find out if you’re old. Deliberately fall over in front of people. If they laugh, you’re a youngen. If they panic, you are old.

Fact: always be nice to your best buddies, they have photos of your hair from the ’80s.

Fact: the trick to sneaking a mug full of beer into work is to occasionally blow on it like it’s hot.

Fact: 10 Toes Brewery’s Pipeline Pale Ale is a dead set cracker. Boiling over with a boot load of hoppy goodness and brewed with a blend of Aussie and German barley, wheat and crystal malts, the Pipeline Pale is a bold American-style pale ale.

Packed with subtle tropical and stone fruit aromas, this little ripper surprises and delights the whole way through and is the perfect frothy refreshment for summer on the Coast. Even better, it’s a local brew, created right here at Alex by a crew whose passion for their craft is in every drop.

They’ve perfected the ultimate life balance between a good day’s surfing and a good day’s brewing. If you do one thing these holidays, make sure it’s a visit to the brewery in Sugar Road and spend some time with Rupert and the 10 Toes gang, shooting the breeze and tipping in a couple of Pipeline pales.

L for local, L for legends, proud as punch to give 10 Toes Pipeline Pale Ale a solid 4 out of 5 thumbs up.

10 TOES Pipeline Pale Ale 330ml stubbies, 4.7% A/V. 1.2 Std Drinks
Available at Cellarbrations Brightwater, Wises Road, Buderim and Parklands.

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