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Todd Widdicombe has discovered a new brew, and it makes him proud to be Australian.

The year was 1954. Bill Haley and the Comets ruled the airwaves, Ian Fleming released his paperback Bond adventure Live and Let Die, actor John Travolta was born in New Jersey (46 years before he made the world’s worst movie Battlefield Earth) and on January 9, in a daring feat recognised by the Guinness World Records, a young bloke named Robert J Hawke sculled two-and-a-half pints of beer in 11 seconds. Thirty years later the world’s fastest beer drinker would become Australia’s 23rd Prime Minister.

Now traditionally we don’t have a lot of time for pollies. Liking a politician in Straya is rarer than an untampered ball in Dave Warner’s kit, but for whatever reason most Aussies have a real fondness for Hawkey.

Hawke went on to become our longest- serving Labour PM and is today the oldest living former Prime Minister – later this year he will celebrate his 89th birthday. Legend. It’d be interesting to get Bob Hawke’s take on today’s political shenanigans and the recent blow-up with sandpapergate – of course the only difference between Aussie cricketer Cameron Bancroft and Barnaby Joyce is that Cameron Bancroft keeps it in his pants.

Even today, whether he’s sculling a beer at the cricket with a bunch of punters or dining with the world’s biggest names, he’s a larrikin, a legend, a true Aussie icon who the people can’t get enough of. So it’s fitting that he’s now got a cracking beer named in his honour.

Hawke’s Lager.

Hawke’s Brewing Co is the yarn of three mates who had a dream to build a Strayan beer company, based on the values of  the great Robert J Hawke. Last year that dream became a reality and Hawke’s Lager was born.

There are three key principles behind Hawke’s – brewing great quality beer, supporting the land that grows its all-Aussie ingredients (with every drop of Hawke’s they pour they donate cash to Landcare) and a promise that the generous and community-centric values of Bob Hawke are upheld.

I don’t know if it’s simply because with every sip you’re basking in the glory of the great Bob, but this is easily one of the greatest lagers I’ve ever quaffed. It has a subtle citrus aroma, with a mild bitterness and a crisp, dry finish. I highly recommend if you’re a fan of Bob and beer and Straya, invest ya hard-earned in a sixer – you’ll be stoked with the return. At any rate, Hawke’s Lager sounds better than Turnbull’s Lager, right? Maybe Turnbull’s Bitter? Can’t blame him. Or better still, Malcolm’s Pinot Gris.

Either way it’s cheers to an Aussie legend and a ripping beer to boot.

Any boss who sacks anyone for drinking Hawke’s Lager at lunch is a bum.

4.5% ABV, 375ml can.
Available at Cellarbrations Wises Road, Brightwater, Parklands and Bellvista.


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