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What soft drinks do to your body

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What soft drinks do to your body

James Colquhoun from Food Matters says think again before you open that can of soft drink.

Despite public health campaigns spreading the anti-sugar message, soft drink is still a favoured drink.

Most of us know that drinking it pumps our body full of sugar and artificial additives. Yet once you’ve taken that sip of sweetness, do you know what soda is really doing to your body?

Reproductive side effects
Soft drink bottles and cans are made from cheap materials that leach toxins into your bloodstream. These toxins hitch a ride through your blood vessels and are thus able to infiltrate major organs, the brain, and body tissues. This can impact the health of your reproductive system.

Tooth troubles
The acid within soda literally dissolves tooth enamel. The pH of our mouth is designed to protect the coating around our teeth, and is sensitive to prolonged, artificial changes in acidity.

Toxic water sources
Most soft drink companies use regular old tap water to produce their product. This water may contain added fluoride, chlorine and traces of toxic heavy metals, such as lead.

Metabolic mayhem & tissue issues
Just about every ingredient has the potential to disrupt metabolic activity in
your body:
Higher risk of obesity – Research has shown that each extra daily can of soda increases your risk of obesity by 1.6 times.
Kidney chaos – Many soft drinks are high in phosphoric acid, which has been associated with renal issues and kidney stones.
Brittle bones – The phosphoric acid in soda breaks down bone, leading to an increased urinary output of calcium. Over time, this can lead to a weakening of bones and even osteoporosis.

Compromised heart health
Soft drink can increase your risk of heart disease through several disrupted metabolic pathways. A high sugar intake makes the liver produce more triglycerides, which increases risk of heart attack.

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