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Local author Jodie Adams hopes to create understanding and acceptance for children with ADHD.

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A local author hopes to create understanding and acceptance for children with ADHD.

Seeing her nephew Mason transition into schooling with severe ADHD was the inspiration for early childhood teacher Jodie Adams to become an author.

The Palmview resident created My Friend Manny to encourage understanding and acceptance for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – a neurodevelopmental disorder with a persistent pattern of behaviour.

“It burned inside me thinking about [Mason] starting school and thinking no one would want to be his mate because of his behaviours and some of the things he does,” Ms Adams says.

“I just wanted to help him to settle into school with those around him understanding what he is doing and why he is doing it, so he can have mateship and acceptance through his school life.”

Ms Adams drew on real-life situations, which unfolded when her son played with Mason, to create the storyline for My Friend Manny.

She used her 17 years of experience working in the early childhood sector to find a way to explain the complexities of ADHD in a positive manner that children can understand.

She says the book has already resonated with many of her young fans and she is considering future books that further explore Manny, or branch out into other challenges like autism and Tourette’s to build an even stronger pool of resources for children.

“My main message is to be kind to everyone,” Ms Adams says.

“Understanding every little person really does have a story and the way to better understand what that story is, is to be more open-minded.”

“I want all little people to have a mate in the playground.”

To buy your copy of the book or to find out more, visit


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