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Jimeoin: “Laughter – it’s pretty great”

Comedian Jimeoin is headed to the Sunshine Coast for his Result! tour

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Jimeoin: “Laughter – it’s pretty great”

After almost three decades in the business, Irish funnyman Jimeoin is still going strong and is bringing his show Result! to the Sunshine Coast.

He’s been called the king of observational comedy but sometimes even Irish stand-up comedian Jimeoin faces criticism for his knack of turning personal anecdotes into stage fodder.

“I never really have a message. I’m very influenced by what I see and what I like,’’ he admits.

“My wife gets a real flying. It’s more about the relationship between man and woman when you’ve been with someone for a while.

“She never watches my show. She couldn’t think of anything worse,’’ he adds with a laugh.

Thankfully, thousands of people around the world love to hear Jimeoin’s marital narrative.

His latest tour has taken him from the United Kingdom to New South Wales, and soon to the Sunshine Coast where he will perform later this month.

When we speak, Jimeoin has been cooped up in a Newcastle hotel room. I think he is grateful for the distraction.

“Sometimes these are the only conversations I have in the day,’’ he says.

“I travel on my own a lot of the time. I keep myself busy… I’m writing for a show in the UK, so I’m working on that non-stop. I enjoy writing, if you’re not enjoying it, it’s like pulling teeth. It’s all or nothing.”

I have to ask if he takes work into the family home. I can’t help but picture him cracking jokes and trying out his new material over the dinner table.

“I don’t think so. I’m one of these people who leave the job at the door.

“I have a lot of fun at the home… I enjoy the family.”

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Jimeoin is eager to hit the road for his Sunshine Coast show – he usually brings the family, including all four kids. I like the east-coast trip. They (my family) do come up quite a bit. It’s nice.

“We drive from Melbourne doing gigs. By the time I get there I’m tired… then we always have a holiday.”

This year, there won’t be time for too much play as Jimeoin is set to jet straight to the UK following his Australian shows.

“That’s hard work,’’ he admits of the next leg of his tour.

“There is a different place every night. It keeps me busy and that’s the key to my soul. Everyone gets annoyed with work, at the moment I really enjoy it.

“It’s a really creative art form. It’s really creative to sit down and come up with ideas that are different from others. Stand-ups, we’re into it in a big way.

“Trainspotters are into trains… we’re into this at a level… a big way. I absolutely love it.

“It’s just a really enjoyable art form because you can get on with it. You don’t have to talk to anybody, you don’t have to run your idea past someone. TV and films have ruling committees. This, I can just do it. I love it.”

Through the years, Jimeoin has had success on the screen with hit flicks The Craic and The Extra, as well as his three-season television offering, Jimeoin.

But it is stand-up that continues to call his name. “It’s a skill,’’ he says.

“If you stop doing it, you lose it. I have an act, it’s an act I’ve worked on for a long time. I tend to stick with my jokes and get on with that.”

And get on with it, he has. The comedian has been entertaining audiences for close to three decades. It’s impressive considering he started his career on a building site. From the age of 18, he spent four years in London studying the theory and practical of the construction industry. His first job had him working 10-hour days, six days a week.

He soon grew tired – or in his words, “had a gut full of that” – and his tendency to find humour in life spawned his next career move.

“Yeah, I was (the class clown),’’ Jimeoin recalls.

“We had a bunch of mates. You know those more outgoing people at school, I wasn’t one of those. I was mumbly… a lot of boys fall into that category.

“I loved drama at school and wanted to be an actor. In London I’d go to drama workshops.”

However, it wasn’t until he reached Australia that his on-stage career took off after he decided to give this stand-up thing a red hot go.

“It was the first time that I was talking about something that was really what I wanted to be talking about and everyone finding that funny.

“The next day at work, things had changed in my mind but I know that none of these people knew what had happened. I have to find the voice and do this.

“Laughter, it’s pretty great. I wouldn’t want to be a politician.”

Jimeoin’s Result! show is at The Shed at Aussie World on Saturday, January 19. For tickets visit


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