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Dead Letter Circus are bringing the tour of their fourth studio album to the Coast.

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Dead Letter Circus are bringing the tour of their fourth studio album to the Coast.

With fond memories of “epic crowd surfing” at The Sands Tavern, watching other locals like The Butterfly Effect, Cog and Melodyssey rip it up on stage, it’s no wonder the guys from Dead Letter Circus are pumped to perform on the Coast once again.

With nearly half of the band, which consists of Kim Benzie, Luke Williams, Stewart Hill, Clint Vincent and Luke Palmer, growing up on the Coast, there is a real hometown vibe when they take to the stage.

The guys are riding high off the release of their fourth studio album, which they decided to self-title. Dead Letter Circus’ first EP, released in 2007, was also self-titled.

When asked why they decided to recycle the title, Mr Benzie says, “It felt like the themes we were singing about came back around full circle to the EP themes.

“Fix yourself and then fix the world, stories of the battles you go through internally.

“The second reason was the epic vibe we have as brothers. This is actually the third album for this line-up and we’re all just growing closer as friends and musically.”

When Mr Benzie reflects on how much they have achieved in the 11 years between self-titled releases, he admits they never had dreams of “big things”.

“We just wanted to make music that made us feel something and didn’t sound like anyone else. So when it blew up, life just became super surreal and it’s been an incredible ride,” he says.

“Getting to be the guys who channel that epic music is a beautiful thing; it truly means something to people and is the soundtrack to the more intense moments in life.”

The Dead Letter Circus Album Tour will hit the Sol Bar on December 7 at 8pm. Tickets are available at


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