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Moonsets come to DUSK

The Sunshine Coast Moonsets are back in town.

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Moonsets come to DUSK

The Sunshine Coast Moonsets are back in town.

It’s not every day that you get to enjoy the dulcet tones of an electric harp, but self-taught harpist Kayt Wallace is front and centre of musical trio The Moonsets, who will delight crowds at the next DUSK concert.

Ms Wallace artfully bends the organic tones of the harp with classic guitar effects as her smoky vocals sweep from whispers to roars, completed by the rich grooves of Stephan Beattie on bass and the playful rhythms of Andrea Joy Norden on skins.

Mr Beattie says their self-titled album will be their first since the trio changed their moniker from The Flumes to The Moonsets in 2016. The six-track EP features a collaboration with John Goodson and new tunes with a mix of whimsical themes through to serious commentary on the state of the world, all with the signature blend of soul funk, blues, jazz and a splash of reggae that The Moonsets are renowned for.

The EP was recorded in the wooden shack Ms Wallace and Mr Beattie call home in the Coast hinterland exclusively using solar power. “We recently trebled our solar capability because we will be building a studio out there to work on a number of future EPs,” Mr Beattie says.

DUSK, which is on June 16, will also feature roving entertainment by Kawana Waters State College students, food trucks and a fully licensed bar.

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