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There is plenty happening at the Anywhere Theatre Festival.

The Anywhere Theatre Festival is right here and there are dozens of performances lined up across the Sunshine Coast in some unusual places.

Pop-up poetry, theatrical performances and a blindfolded exploration of the senses are among the Coast events coordinated by Dr Nycole Prowse and Toni Wills, via their company Peripheral Arts.

The state-wide festival was held for the first time last year and has already doubled its event count on the Coast.

“I really believe it is our lifestyle and our environment that encourages and fosters this culture of outdoor theatre,” Dr Prowse says.

“People tend to gravitate to performances that are in parks or on beaches. The festival features many events in non-conventional spaces.

“For example, someone is performing on top of a car in Caloundra while another event is being held at the Buderim swimming pool and another is on the beach.

“These performances are activating the lovely spaces in our region.”

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