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Todd Widdicombe shares some unique parenting advice to help get you through the school holidays.

My folks John and Jen have recently made the big move from Perth. They brought with them a boot load of treasured memories, including a heap of piccies of their grandies, my four wee-uns, in a huge album.

It reminded me of how awesome they were as bubs and how full on it was witnessing each of their arrivals in the hospital. For blokes, watching the birth of your kids is both awesome and terrifying. Having said that, it’s the most incredible thing you will ever see and it will make you appreciate the awe-inspiring magnificence of the lady in your life. Just quietly, women are the far superior sex. The strength, the resilience, the sheer amazingness, but keep that to yourself.

I’ve been blessed to be a dad for the past 15.5 years and I’ve learnt some stuff that might help you out, with the summer school hols upon us.

Don’t yell at your kids in public these holidays, lean in close and whisper. It’s much scarier.

If you can’t find the kids anywhere around the house, simply turn off the wifi and watch them materialise right before your very eyes. “Hey Dad, what’s the go? Stupid NBN”.

The best way to prepare the kids for social media? Stick their artwork on the fridge and write mean comments underneath it.

Need your teenage lad to clean his room? Text him you’ve hidden 20 bucks in there.

Don’t bother trying to tidy the house while the kids are home on school holidays – that’s like trying to brush your teeth with a mouthful of chewy caramel Tim Tams.

And finally, if you want to teach your kids about rejection… buy a cat. You’re welcome.

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