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25 years of fundraising efforts


25 years of fundraising efforts

Priceless support from the Sunshine Coast and Gympie communities has helped Wishlist greatly improve services and resources for local patients.

From a state-of-the-art cancer centre at Nambour General Hospital to the $14 million Wishlist Centre at Birtinya, the unwavering support of the Sunshine Coast and Gympie communities has proven to be the driving force behind 25 years of outstanding philanthropy.

This invaluable collaboration with Wishlist has yielded extraordinary results – $22 million of service support and transformative medical equipment, indelibly impacting the lives of countless local patients and their families.

In 2012, Wishlist began a decade-long investment in enhancing ophthalmology services at Caloundra Hospital.

More than $550,000 was invested in equipment to help diagnose and treat patients with sight issues, including a cryotherapy device and handpieces for children and adults with eye injuries presenting to Caloundra Hospital.

The equipment slashed waiting times and boosted services for hundreds of Sunshine Coast locals with sight issues who would have otherwise had to travel to Brisbane for treatment.

In 2018, lifesaving inter-hospital transfer equipment worth $130,000 ensured children such as Archer Howe, from Tewantin, could be brought closer to home.

Archer was born with not one, but two very rare genetic conditions: Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome and Hirschsprung’s Disease.

When combined, they are known as Haddad’s Syndrome and threaten to cut short his young life every day. Archer was treated in Brisbane and remained there until specific paediatric medical equipment was purchased for the Sunshine Coast, and specialised support workers could be trained to help Archer.

“We’re so grateful that Wishlist purchased the equipment that meant not just Archer but other critically ill kids on the Coast could be transported safely when they needed care.” says Summer, Archer’s mum.

“The Sunshine Coast University Hospital is now better equipped to deal with critically ill children, and we were able to access funding so we could get help with caring for Archer.”

Major Milestones timeline

1998: Sunshine Coast Health Services Foundation (SCHSF) is established.

1999: Queensland Health gifts management rights to the Nambour Hospital carpark to SCHSF.

2000: Radio station 92.7 Mix FM’s Give Me 5 for Kids campaign commences on the Sunshine Coast, raising $78,411.

2001: SCHSF purchases a demountable for an office, adjacent to the Nambour Hospital carpark, that sustains operations.

2001: The $1.5 million cancer centre capital campaign commences.

2002: A non-denominational chapel and grieving room at Nambour Hospital is established.

2003: The first House the Coast Built project raises $362,972 for the cancer centre, thanks to Emerald Homes, Henzells and 92.7 Mix FM.

2004: A total of $1.7 million is raised for the Sunshine Coast Cancer Centre at Nambour Hospital.

2006: The Sunshine Coast Cancer Centre opens on January 28.

2007: Reed Charity House becomes the $1.4 million accommodation ‘stage 2’ to support local cancer patients.

2008: In its first decade, SCHF distributes $5.4 million towards service support, capital projects (cancer centre and accommodation centre), equipment purchases, and $1.4 million for paediatric needs, Indigenous health and staff scholarships.

2009: Wishlist’s first accommodation facility, Reed House opens adjacent to Nambour Hospital, thanks to RCQ, Reed Foundation, the Reed family and many local businesses. And $50,000 is committed to research projects, with a strong focus on healthy ageing initiatives.

2010: Sunshine Coast Health Foundation rebrands as Wishlist. The 92.7 Mix FM’s Give Me 5 for Kids raises $2 million for local paediatric services.

2011: Work commences on the $300,000 Wishlist Sky Bridge connecting Nambour Hospital with Reed Charity House.

2012: The House the Coast Built raises $267,232 for ophthalmology equipment at Caloundra Hospital, thanks to AUSMAR and local contractors, and 92.7 Mix FM.

2013: A total of $315,000 pays for a Nambour Hospital Endoscopic Bronchial Ultrasound. Wishlist commits to relocating and expanding the Child Development Service to the tune of $1.4 million. Wishlist Coffee House opens in Gympie.

2014: Over $500,000 is directed to supporting Child Development Services’ clinical positions.

2015: In a mammoth effort, The House the Coast Built raises $292,692.

2016: Reed House hosts its 5000th guest and the Wishlist Wellness Garden opens at Nambour General Hospital.

2017: Wishlist office relocates to the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital and organises the Sunshine Coast University Hospital Grand Celebration, raising funds for Wishlist’s work. Wishlist Jazz and Wine Festival funds resources for stroke patients at Gympie Hospital.

2018: Wishlist celebrates its 20th year and Gympie Soiree celebrates 150 years of Gympie Hospital.

2019: The 92.7 Mix FM’s Give Me 5 appeal raises a record breaking $500,644 and purchases life-saving, inter-hospital transport equipment, and supports the Clown Doctors, music therapy and the Calm Fairy.

2020: Wishlist House, built by AUSMAR,opens at Birtinya, providing emergency accommodation for hospital patients within walking distance of SCUH. The first Wishlist Giving Day raises $241,757 during COVID lockdowns.

2022: Wishlist opens the ground-breaking, first-of-its-kind Wishlist Centre: a staggering $14 million investment, with an 18-room accommodation and community hub facility.

2022: Rare Cancer Research Fund is established to advance the provision of care for people, with $196,000 donated to date, and $436,000 is committed to supporting local youth mental health services.

2023: Wishlist has directed $22 million over the past 25 years to enhance local hospital and health services for patients and families.


  • Wishlist operates three accommodation facilities – Wishlist Centre, Wishlist House and Reed House – in total providing 44 rooms to patients and their families on any given night.
  • Wishlist’s 150 volunteers provided 16,800 hours of service last year.
  • Wishlist operates two coffee houses at Gympie and Nambour hospitals, a car park at Nambour Hospital and provides commercial leasing at Wishlist Centre to diversify income streams to ensure a sustainable future.


  • The 92.7 Mix FM Give Me 5 campaign commenced in 2000, and since then $7 million has been raised and distributed to help local Sunshine Coast and Gympie families dealing with health trauma.
  • Wishlist Spring Carnival, held each September, has raised $2.2 million over 14 years, enhancing services from paediatric to palliative care. The 2023 event raised $224,000 to fund a three-year role
    for a dedicated social worker to share high-risk domestic and family violence cases with other vital agencies.
  • The local community has collectively helped build four House the Coast Built houses. Coordinated by AUSMAR, these have raised $1.2 million to fund much-needed accommodation and enhance local hospital services, and Wishlist House remains a legacy project benefiting families in crisis every day.

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