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A dream fulfilled

A Sunshine Coast celebrant makes wedding wishes come true for couples who face heartbreaking futures.


A dream fulfilled

A Sunshine Coast celebrant makes wedding wishes come true for couples who face heartbreaking futures.

Close to 50 couples around Australia have been able to fulfill their dying wish to say “I do” to their loved one thanks to the efforts of Sunshine Coast celebrant Dr Lynette Maguire and a host of incredible suppliers around the country.

Having been a celebrant for 13 years, Dr Maguire was contacted by a gentleman in 2007 who asked her to assist with his son’s dying wish to marry his fiancee before he passed away from liver cancer.

“He had called me on a Tuesday and I said I could meet with him on Thursday but he told me he didn’t think his son would live until Thursday,” she recalls.

“I arrived at their place an hour later. There was a palliative care bed with a 24-year-old man lying on it. His fiancee lay next to him stroking his face, whispering ‘I love you’ and crying softly.”

With time being of the essence, Dr Maguire had to seek a ‘Shortening of Time’ from the Magistrates Court to allow the couple to marry immediately and the groom’s mother and future bride met with a Magistrate at 3pm the same day.

While this was happening, Dr Maguire was ringing around industry connections and secured a photographer and florist within 30 minutes. The couple was married at 5pm that same day in front of a small gathering of family and friends.

Dr Maguire says this was one of her most memorable ceremonies.

“The ceremony was short and I must say it was the most moving ceremony I have ever performed. While there was understandably so much sadness, there was without a doubt more raw love than I have ever experienced at any ceremony before, or since,” she says.

“Tears flowed, the couple kissed and held each other – his dying wish was granted. The beautiful young man passed away as a married man two days later. I cried when the family rang me, and my heart ached for his devastated young wife.”

This experience led Dr Maguire to establish My Wedding Wish in 2013 to gift weddings to the terminally ill. Three years later, it became a registered charity and it now has chapters all around Australia with close to 1000 suppliers that give their time freely to assist when weddings come up in their area.

“The quickest wedding we’ve pulled together under My Wedding Wish was 24 hours in Victoria. It was an amazing bedside ceremony and the bride, who had breast cancer, died the next day,” she says.

“The suppliers are just amazing people.

“Everybody just jumps on board and makes things happen. The suppliers are all voluntary, so all the money we raise goes towards our end goal, which is to allow these couples to have an incredible wedding.”

Dr Maguire says she has been surprised to see how many of the couples the charity has assisted are in their twenties and thirties, with many being diagnosed with cancer.

You can offer your Support to My Wedding Wish in various ways

This Sunshine Coast-based charity now operates Australia wide and relies on many products, services and professionals to help make dreams come true. My Wedding Wish has almost 1000 volunteers around the country – most who work within the wedding industry – who assist with the ceremonies. The organisation is always in need of further supporters and donations.

Alternatively, you can make a monetary donation via the website.

For more information visit



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