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My Weekly Preview

A new day dawns

We asked and you answered. The My Weekly Preview COVID-19 reader survey provided some interesting insights.


A new day dawns

We asked and you answered. The My Weekly Preview COVID-19 reader survey provided some interesting insights.

The world may be facing the worst pandemic and economic crisis in 100 years, but Sunshine Coast residents remain positive.

In fact, according to My Weekly Preview’s COVID-19 survey conducted last month, 97 per cent of you believe that the business community will bounce back strongly once restrictions are lifted, while 89 per cent agree the Coast will come out of the crisis stronger than other regions in Australia.

There is little doubt that business and industry confidence remains the number one focus of both the community and business leaders as we continue to navigate through the crisis.

Sunshine Coast Council’s $782 million budget was handed down last Thursday with Mayor Mark Jamieson citing economic recovery as the cornerstone of the plan.

No one denies it’s going to be a tough road forward, but with community sentiment and business collaborations at an all-time high, leaders are confident the Coast can navigate towards a successful future.


Do you feel safe from coronavirus in the following?


*9 out of 10 people say they will continue to practise social distancing and hand hygiene. Meanwhile, 85% of survey respondents say they will social distance when attending an event, or at a restaurant.

 *57.01% feel that people are respecting and practising social distancing.

*42.99% don’t agree.

*65% feel safe and comfortable while shopping in local stores. Almost 25% of respondents say they would like to feel safer in regards to their health.

*67% believe the Coast will have a stronger sense of community following the crisis.

*5% say it will be worse than before.

*2 out of 10 people say it will take longer than 24 months for the region’s economy to improve.

Spending dollars locally is of high importance to assist economic recovery 70% say, while 97% agree that local businesses will bounce back once restrictions are lifted.

Just over half of respondents believe the local economy will be the same or better than before the crisis once restrictions have completely lifted.



The trades, landscaping and building industries are receiving a boost with 43 per cent of survey respondents undergoing a home improvement project since the crisis began. These are the projects they are completing.



Five out of 10 people (50%) have  experienced a cruising holiday. However, it’s going to take a little convincing to get them back on board with only 13% comfortable to cruise once restrictions are lifted.

Understandably, many people are feeling a little hesitant when it comes to planning a holiday.

56% of people say it will take six to 12 months for them to feel safe to travel once international borders are open. However, six out of 10 people are looking forward to holidaying in Queensland. Six out of 10 also say they will book a holiday to New Zealand if a travel bubble is granted.

97% think local tourism will bounce back strongly in regards to visitors from within southeast Queensland.


What you said

Has the coronavirus positively changed any of your lifestyle habits, such as improved eating or exercise?

“Yes I appreciate life and friends more. Doing more gardening, eating well.”

“I’m lucky to say my healthy lifestyle has continued without disruption.”

“Yes, its been nice to get away from a gym setting. I’ve been going outdoors for a walk, bike ride, or I’ve chosen to complete my online training and yoga classes in the backyard.”

“Having fun trying new recipes on my husband.”

“Walking twice a day instead of just once. Meditating daily and also more time for yoga.”


What has been the single most positive thing that the coronavirus situation has made in your life?

“That we must buy Australian made! Pay a bit more and hope we get better quality.”

“How lucky we are in Australia, and how lucky I am to be well. I think retirees were the luckiest group in Australia through this.”

“I had time to rest and spend time with my family and friends, (online) of course.”

“Appreciate all the things I am able to do and not take for granted the life I lead.”

“Made me want to watch even less TV.”

“More family time with kids who are 22 and 24 and would usually be out on a Friday or Saturday night.”

“People generally slowing down and being more considerate of each other.”


What is your one hope for the Sunshine Coast’s recovery?

“Businesses look to the future with manufacturing ideas, for jobs and looking after Australia.”

“No further deaths and ongoing good hygiene and social distancing conduct across our community.”

“That people will not try to live beyond their means. Be kinder to each other, less selfish and want to know God.”

“That our free, simple lifestyle will return, tourism returns, the high-rise developments planned will be curtailed. Residents need to be able to enjoy the Coast also.”

“To bounce back stronger and more appreciative of living in the best country/state in the world. To buy more Australian made.”

“That all the small businesses that have closed manage to reopen.”

“People stay loyal to the Coast; buy local, use local suppliers and trades.”

“That locals continue to support locals and to see more small/medium business-to-business collaborations. I believe locals get a real thrill about seeing local brands they love create a new offer for their customers.”

“Unity, kindness, caring.”


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