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Art essential for community connection


Art essential for community connection

Art is acknowledged as a vital element to creating a sense of place as new Artspace is launched at Harmony, Palmview.

Can you imagine a new community where art, artists and exhibit space has been considered an important aspect of its development? On the Sunshine Coast, developers of Harmony at Palmview, the AVID Property Group, have taken that stance and launched its first outdoor art gallery – Artspace – aimed at presenting an exploration of community and place through a creative lens.

AVID Property Group general manager Queensland, Bruce Harper, referenced The Australia Council for the Arts’ August 2020 Creating our Future report, noting an increasing majority (84 per cent) of Australians acknowledge the positive impact art has on communities, up from 75 per cent in 20161.

Mr Harper says, “With nearly every Australian engaging with the arts in some way, we wanted to create a space within our community where our residents could truly connect with each other and learn more about their neighbours and surroundings.

“Each art piece was commissioned to tell a unique story of Harmony and we are excited to be able to share these vibrant stories with our residents and the broader Sunshine Coast community.

“People are having significantly less face-to-face contact with their neighbours at the moment, which means we are having to think of innovative ways to create opportunities for people to connect.”

Public art is more than enhancing the look and feel of a community, it’s about creating a sense of place. AVID understands that public art not only shapes the community’s identity but connects residents to their community.

“At Harmony, we have a dedicated community eevelopment officer, Susana Waldron, who has worked with each artist to bring their vision of Harmony to life,” Mr Harper says.

Nine local artists have contributed to Harmony’s Artspace, including Alison Mooney, Gus Eagleton, Mieke van den Berg, Jim Cox, Pam Walpole, Shyanne Clarke, Steven Bordonaro, Kym Tabulo and Nicole Voevodin-Cash.

“It’s smart to continue investing in our creative sectors as engines of imaginative ideas and added value,” Mr Harper adds.

“Skill and beauty in any art form are great unifiers and, more often than not, lifts our spirits and speaks to us all.”

Sunshine Coast Deputy Mayor Rick Baberowski says to support your own local arts industry is to recognise that helping to create original and creative content is as essential as it is enjoyable.

Harmony’s Artspace is located in Harmony Display World, off Harmony Boulevard via Peter Crosby Way.

About Harmony by AVID Property Group

Harmony is a $3-billion project on 378 hectares. Harmony will deliver more than 4800 homes for 12,000 future residents. It features 130 hectares of open space. More than 9000 short-term jobs will be generated through the project.

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