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Birthday Bonanza


Birthday Bonanza

Identical twin sisters beat the odds by giving birth on the same morning in Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

Identical twin sisters have given birth just minutes apart in the same maternity ward at Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

Nicole and Renee Baillie have shared countless experiences throughout their lives.

But giving birth within minutes of each other was not one they expected.

“We magically fell pregnant at the same time, which was crazy,” Nicole says.

Two years ago, the sisters gave birth to their first daughters within six months of each other.

This time, their due dates were a fortnight apart, but fate intervened on one Thursday morning when they gave birth just 22 minutes apart.

“It was just meant to be,” Nicole says.

“We’ve been hanging out on maternity leave the past two or three weeks, just nesting and waiting, thinking I was going to go at least a week before because our due date was 10 days apart.

“But now she actually beat me by 22 minutes.”

The twins say they were in disbelief about the coincidence.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Renee says.

“We’ve just been laughing about it all day.”

Nicole started having contractions first, and Renee went to her house to look after both of their young daughters.

Then Renee’s waters broke.

The cousins, who also share the DNA similarities of half-siblings, were almost identical in weight.

Nicole’s baby Zavian Dacy and Renee’s baby Ruby Toole were just 200 grams apart on the scales.

The Sunshine Coast Health midwifery team is thrilled to welcome the two babies into the world.

“I’ve never seen it happen and I’ve been a midwife for 18 years,” midwifery team member Nicola Hamilton says.

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