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Boots-on-the-ground operation targets crime


Boots-on-the-ground operation targets crime

Local police have charged 203 people with around 179 offences across the Sunshine Coast since a high-visibility policing operation began in March last year.

Operation Whiskey Unison focuses on preventing, disrupting and investigating youth crime through community engagement and patrols at intelligence-driven hot-spot locations.

The recent statistics follow My Weekly Preview’s coverage last week on how the region is tackling youth crime.

In the past 12 months, the operation has resulted in a total of 11,023 people being arrested on 17,791 charges state-wide, including drug, weapons, traffic, property crime and bail offences. Of the people arrested, 4149 of them were juveniles who are facing 7551 charges.

There have been 5647 proactive activities in the Sunshine Coast district including hot-spot patrols, shopping centre and business walkthroughs, bail compliance checks, community engagements and service station drop-ins. The boots-on-the-ground style of operation also allows more opportunities for officers and police liaison officers to conduct bail checks and engage with young people.

Patrols largely involve a dedicated police presence using marked vehicles, Mobile Police Beats and foot patrols in known hot-spot areas, with assets such as Mounted Unit and Highway Patrol also utilised.

Youth Crime Acting Assistant Commissioner Andrew Massingham says these extra boots on the ground have been integral to supporting officers.

“Everyone from our police liaison officers who engage our multicultural and First Nations communities, to general duties patrolling shopping centres and known crime hot spots, and our district crime-prevention teams working hard to assist victims of crime. Our frontline does a wonderful job and the result we’ve seen from Whiskey Unison is testament to this. We know high visibility is an important deterrent. It all counts towards ensuring the community feels safe,” he says.

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