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Bravery medal among host of awards presented to officers


Bravery medal among host of awards presented to officers

More than 155 police officers from around the region have been recognised for their service to the Sunshine Coast community.

A medal and awards ceremony was held on the Sunshine Coast on April 24, presenting the National Medal, National Police Service Medal, District Officer Certificate, Assistant Commissioner Certificate, Valour Medal and Exemplary Medal.

Queensland Police Service Medal clasps honouring 15 to 35 years of service also were handed out, recognising ongoing service to the force.

The ceremony included the presentation of one of the force’s top honours: the bravery award.

The Bravery Medal was awarded to Senior Constable Tim Jessup, from Beerwah Station.

Senior Constable Jessup was recognised for his efforts in responding to a fire in a residential unit complex in Earlville on September 26, 2018, while stationed in Cairns.

While responding to the incident with his partner, Sergeant Wesley Von Eitzen, Senior Constable Jessup noticed smoke coming from a building and forced entry by kicking in the solid timber door.

The officers entered the smoke-filled building and searched the unit on their hands and knees while yelling loudly to look for anyone inside.

Once the officers confirmed no one was inside, they worked to evacuate residents from surrounding units in the complex. Senior Constable Jessup then used a nearby garden hose to help contain the fire, alongside other officers on the scene, until firefighters arrived and subsequently extinguished the fire.

Thanks to the immediate and brave actions of Senior Constable Jessup and his colleagues, the fire was contained to only one unit within the complex, without any injuries.

Senior Constable Jessup says he’s humbled to receive the medal.

“I’d like to acknowledge and share this with my Far Northern colleagues who I worked with at the time of this incident,” Senior Constable Jessup says.

“I’ll always appreciate the tremendous cohesiveness and capabilities of the people I’ve had the privilege to work alongside. Responding to jobs like the Earlville fire relies on seamless teamwork so I thank everyone who was part of the response.”

A group of officers also was recognised for their response to a stabbing incident at Coolum Beach in 2013.

Valour Awards were presented to Senior Constable Evan Condon and Senior Constable Jason Jupp, and Assistant Commissioner Certificates were presented to Sergeant Craig Law and Senior Constable Malcolm Teissl.

District Officer Superintendent Craig Hawkins says he’s honoured to work alongside the officers recognised.

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