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Caloundra’s village vibe alive and well


Caloundra’s village vibe alive and well

Caloundra businesses are banding together to offer customers incentives to keep shopping in the village while major upgrades are underway.

Beachside towns have a kind of magnetic pull on people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of it all and Caloundra has come a long way since it was a sleepy fishing village in the 1970s.

What residents enjoy and visitors flock here in their droves to experience, is a vibrant seaside town with plenty on offer for people of all ages.

While the lure of a lazy oceanside getaway appeals to some, those who are more adventurous can get active with watersports, walking, bike riding and other indoor adventures if they so choose.

Caloundra Holiday Centre founder Peter Ryan says the “glorified fishing village of 3000 souls and no traffic lights” has been replaced with a thriving hub that is attracting major sporting, music and cultural festivals and has built a solid reputation as a destination that can easily cater for any demographic.

And when it comes to the retail offerings, there is nothing quite like the homely, village-style feel of Bulcock Street.

Caloundra business owners banded together to form the Caloundra Business Alliance (CBA) in September 2017 to actively promote the area through innovative marketing, events and promotions.

Their first event for 2018, the Sidewalk Sale in February, was a great success and to keep the momentum going, the alliance launched the Shop Caloundra Loyalty Card on March 15.

The special loyalty discount card will give shoppers access to special offers and discounts from more than 60 dining and retail outlets across Caloundra until December 1, when it is anticipated the Sunshine Coast Council will have completed stage four of their streetscape works on Bulcock Street.

CBA secretary Selina Smith says customers will be able to visit the Downtown Caloundra web page and download the application form for the loyalty card, or alternatively, they can visit Nightowl Caloundra, Red Hot Chilli Pepper, Cozie Swimwear Caloundra, Frangipani Cutting Crew or Happy Days Cafe to grab a paper application form to fill in.

“This is a great way to reward our loyal customers and to keep things vibrant for retailers during this busy period of change in our streetscape,” Ms Smith says.

CBA vice president Neville Reid says the group’s activities support all businesses in the Caloundra CBD, resulting in a beneficial social and economic outcome for everyone.

Mr Reid, who has owned Chaps Menswear on Bulcock Street for 19 years, says he has seen the street evolve in that time, but one thing that has remained consistent is the collaborative mindset of the business owners.

“We all try and work together and refer customers to each other’s businesses to keep as many customers as we can in town,” he says. “Everyone has been willing to help in any promotions and the more members we can get, the stronger we will become.

“When this is coupled with the completion of the second stage of the council’s streetscape works, we will have a nice, modern and vibrant street.”

Business owners who are considering joining the CBA can find out more information on the Caloundra Business Alliance Facebook page.

For shoppers keen to find out more about how to get a Shop Caloundra loyalty card, or to see which businesses have special offers linked to the card, visit the Shop Caloundra Facebook page.

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