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Centenarian’s legacy service inspires volunteers


Centenarian’s legacy service inspires volunteers

A Sunshine Coast centenarian has been recognised for his volunteering efforts across many decades.

Allan Leslie Quartermaine has received the Lifetime Contribution to Volunteering Award from Volunteering Queensland at a ceremony at Brisbane’s City Hall.

Mr Quartermaine is a beloved Legatee, or Legacy volunteer, and has dedicated more than 60 years of tireless service to Sunshine Coast Legacy.

Through his leadership and conduct, the 101-year-old has been an inspiring role model, motivating fellow volunteers to follow in his footsteps.

Born in 1923, his lifetime of service began with three years in the Royal Australian Navy during World War II.

He joined Legacy in 1967 and has since played a crucial role in supporting vulnerable widows and children, helping them access pensions and education.

As Sunshine Coast Legacy secretary for many years, Mr Quartermaine’s vision and guidance have been instrumental to forwarding Legacy’s work supporting veterans’ families.

He remains a valued advisor, continuing to attend Laurel Club and Care group meetings.

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