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Coast crew takes their place on the world stage as podcast confidence grows


Coast crew takes their place on the world stage as podcast confidence grows

Jordan Overs, Bradley Lawson and David Eichmann are making headway on the Sunshine Coast in improving the confidence of people living with Down syndrome.

Known as Coast Crew 2, from their headquarters at the Kawana Scout Den, the crew works to create podcasts and share their passions through creative self-development.

They are passionate about increasing their capabilities and ultimately transforming adversity to empowerment.

“We are about autonomy, community, connection and friendship,” Mr Overs says.

Mr Lawson says: “We work together to podcast, interview, footy tip, online game, complete team challenges and engage in creative self-development, two days a week.”

Mr Eichmann adds: “Each week, we continue to learn and grow as individuals and as a rocking great team.”

The next feather in the cap will see the men present at the upcoming World Down Syndrome Congress, taking place in Brisbane from July 9-12.

The theme is: ‘Together we can – celebrating diversity and inclusion’.

The congress will see families, advocates and professionals gather for the education and social event.

“We have a 20-minute oral presentation to give on the world stage and a massive road trip to Brisbane together,” Mr Overs says.

Mr Lawson adds: “With the power of our amazing network, we have the means and opportunity to premiere an amazing mixed-media presentation.”

Mr Eichmann says the opportunity will “show the world we can do all the things that only few know we can do”.

The crew is often at La Balsa Park at Buddina on Fridays, practising communication skills by chatting to locals

Find @coastcrew2 on Instagram.

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