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Cult classic is coming

Image: Jacob Shannon


Cult classic is coming

Local theatre lovers are in for a treat with a Little Shop of Horrors production showing as part of Anywhere Festival.

Sunshine Coast residents can experience a smash Broadway musical in an unconventional but highly popular theatre festival.

Award-winning Sunshine Coast producers Marina de Jager and Riley Cope will bring the cult classic Little Shop of Horrors to life as part of the Anywhere Festival.

Set in 1960s New York, the quirky tale is a feast for the eyes with dazzling costumes, props and, perhaps most famously, a growing puppet plant that is known as Audrey II.

“We’re excited to bring this incredible show to life and showcase the exceptional talent that the Sunshine Coast has to offer,” Ms de Jager says.

“We’ve got dancers, singers, actors, not to mention the five puppets that play Audrey II – the flesh-eating plant – so there’s a lot happening on stage.”

Anywhere Festival takes places across the Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Brisbane and Moreton Bay and brings shows to anywhere but a traditional theatre space.

“From pools to mazes, bookshops and even the bathrooms at a pub, the festival has seen truly unique settings for its shows and Little Shop of Horrors is no exception,” Mr Cope says.

“It’s great to give this classic musical a fresh spin as part of the Anywhere Festival.”

The show is happening at Montessori International College from April 29 to May 1.

Other shows to feature on the Sunshine Coast include Caprichos by DIVE Theatre Collective and As You Like It by Little Seed Theatre Company.

The Sunshine Coast and Noosa 2022 Anywhere Festival runs from April 29 to May 22. For tickets visit

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