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Dance fun for all folk

Participants of Yandina’s Dance for Joy class


Dance fun for all folk

Dance for Joy is a weekly workshop held in Yandina

For five years, Philippa Johnson has been helping integrate dancing into the lives of people with restricted mobility.

Dance for Joy is a weekly workshop held in Yandina and compromises gentle exercise and dance routines.

“The routines are specially programmed to promote balance, coordination and core strength for people with restricted mobility, whether this is due to a specific condition such as arthritis or hip replacement, or just the ageing process,” Ms Johnson says

“I started training in the field of dance as a therapeutic activity for people with mobility issues six years ago.

“My training in this regard has been with the Dance for Parkinson’s Australia organisation, but our classes are deliberately non-specific.”

With medical advice showing strength and balance work is a risk preventive for falls, especially in seniors, Ms Johnson says the structure of her classes tie in with that closely in mind.

“We begin with seated routines that gently stretch the body and get it moving, after which we stand and do some standing exercises using chairs as a support aid where needed,” she says.

“For those who want a little bit more, we then do some gentle walking dances to finish.

“Often we use props such as tambourines or fans.”

Ms Johnson has a background as a high school English and drama teacher and she has been teaching international folk dancing for several years specialising in Greek, Romanian and Armenian styles.

Dance for Joy is held on Thursday from 10.30am to 11.45am at the Freemasons Hall, North Street, Yandina.

“Our sessions are fun, and though the group is relatively small, there is a strong social aspect of our weekly get-togethers.

“And afterwards we go for coffee.”

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