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Diamond paid forward


Diamond paid forward

A diamond worth $17,500 has been donated to raise money for local child abuse charity, No More Fake Smiles.

It is said diamonds are forever and this special diamond has the chance to forever change the lives of victims of child abuse.

It is a case of passing on the kindness for Karen Lazare, who is donating a 1.21 carat diamond to be raffled off, in collaboration with My Weekly Preview, to support local charity No More Fake Smiles.

Ms Lazare tells My Weekly Preview she purchased a single raffle ticket for a fundraising event in Noosa in July and when she won the diamond she knew she wanted to pay it forward.

“I just bought the one ticket and I won. “[The diamond is] beautiful but I didn’t need it and I thought it could be used better than sitting in my drawer for the next 30 years and then passing it onto my kids.”

Ms Lazare believes the work of No More Fake Smiles is important to “break the cycle” for the many people facing hardships.

“I think it’s really important to pay things forward, especially in these uncertain times to people less fortunate than ourselves.”

The raffle will coincide with No More Fake Smiles’ second anniversary and as part of the prize, Vanessa Nock from Uniqueness Designer Jeweller is donating $5000 for the winner to have the diamond made into a piece of jewellery.

Ms Nock specialises in custom design jewellery and has been in the industry for more than 25 years. She says she is excited to be part of this fundraiser to “gift the journey of creation”.

“I really wanted to give back to the community on the Sunshine Coast and this is something a bit different,” Ms Nock says.

“I wanted to gift the journey of creation so the winner can create something special that means something to them.”

The winner will have the chance to work with Ms Nock to develop a jewellery piece of their choice.

Ms Nock says she loves the process of working with a client to create a piece with meaning that creates an “energy” when worn and leaves a legacy to be passed down to family.

“I feel my purpose is to create significant symbols in people’s lives. It’s my absolute passion.

“I create pieces or sculptures that create energy when you wear them. Each piece has a special meaning and I love helping people find that.”

The raffle will launch at the My Weekly Preview My Style fashion parade and charity luncheon on October 15 and will be drawn at a No More Fake Smiles fundraising event on October 30 at Green Zebra Restaurant on Kawana Island.

The October 30 event will include the major diamond raffle as well as other raffles and auctions, all to raise funds for child victims of sexual abuse. For tickets to the event visit

The diamond has been valued at $17,500, with the total prize package worth $23,000.

The raffle is open for the public to purchase tickets. Raffle tickets can be purchased at

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