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Good taste in tourism


Good taste in tourism

A new campaign brings Sunshine Coast producers, beverages and culinary delights to the table for residents and visitors alike.

An innovative campaign is set to tap into the $11.2 billion agritourism market, harnessing the magnitude of producers and culinary experiences waiting to be devoured across the Sunshine Coast.

It capitalises on two of the Sunshine Coast’s most important industries – tourism and agriculture – to forge a new identity for food, drink and agritourism in the region. Known as Queensland’s Sunshine Pantry, it will create a brand that encompasses everything agritourism has to offer across the region.

Visit Sunshine Coast (VSC) CEO Matt Stoeckel says the Queensland Sunshine Pantry brand provides a platform to bring to life the region’s distinct commitment to innovation, sustainability and ethos of keeping it local.

“With our rich volcanic soils and thriving coastline, we have an abundance of fresh local produce crafted by our producers that are dedicated to innovation and sustainability,” he says.

“When you look around our landscape, tourism and agriculture just go together. Our research tells us that people really do travel with their stomachs and are motivated by where to go based on what their tastebuds are telling them.

“After all, there is no better way to get to know a destination than through experiencing its food and drink.

“With more than 900 producers across the Sunshine Coast, it was time to shine a light on the region’s food, drink and agritourism and highlight what’s so special about our offering.”

VSC and Food and Agribusiness Network (FAN) joined forces to officially open the doors to the new food, drink and agritourism brand on November 8.

It’s not the region’s first foray into food-related tourism, having had success with the Craft Beer Capital of Australia campaign.

But after celebrating the region’s pedigree in distinctive brews, VSC thought it was time to bring food to the table.

FAN has more than 370 members stretching from Gympie to Moreton Bay – from dairy farmers and macadamia growers through to suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and food service operators.

“The Sunshine Coast is home to a truly diverse range of makers, growers, producers, distillers, brewers and supporters and they are all passionate about their produce, products and region,” FAN CEO Nicole McNaughton says.

“The campaign aims to raise the profile of the region’s food, drink and agritourism – connecting our visitors and locals with these experiences across the destination.

“The campaign will also create a host of new opportunities for the regions producers and makers who are looking to diversify into agritourism as a stream of income.”

The quality of the Sunshine Coast’s produce has always been an economic driver for the region, and the link with tourism was established more than 50 years ago, with the Big Pineapple providing a nostalgic memory for millions of travellers visiting, or passing through, the region over the decades.

There are now many ways for visitors to experience the region’s food and drink.

And with growing demand for agritourism, VSC expects to see a lot more in the future.

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