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Hinterland hub’s bright future

Currie Street, Nambour


Hinterland hub’s bright future

As Nambour’s creative and business communities continue to thrive, plans for future projects inject exciting optimism into this hinterland town.

Known as the ‘hub of the hinterland’, Nambour is thriving as a place full of arts, culture, health and business.

Located in the geographical centre of the Kabi Kabi traditional land, Nambour is a place of great significance.

Nambour’s name comes from the First Nation’s word ‘Namba’, referring to the red-flowering tea tree of the same name. Thanks to freshwater creeks and rich soil, the area was used as a place of meeting and resting while the central location saw the population swell during important festivities or hunting and gathering drives.

Once the capital of the Maroochy Shire, the centre has undergone a series of changes over the past 20 years, especially as other areas of the region have grown.

Yet its reputation is again developing as a creative, welcoming community as the town continues to support the needs of its residents and surrounding hinterland communities.

As part of this, there is plenty happening to reinvigorate the historic heart of the Sunshine Coast, especially with the Nambour Centre Activation Project (NCAP), which will shape the town for the next 15 years.

The project includes proposed plans to repurpose the Nambour administration building and library, the Nambour (Namba) Place Revitalisation Project (NPRP) and activation of the centre through arts, events, heritage and more.

Sunshine Coast Council division 10 councillor David Law says the town has many great aspects he hopes the whole Sunshine Coast community can be aware of and appreciate.

“Activation is the driving force of the NCAP and aims to stimulate and attract public and private investment into Nambour, as well as helping to make Nambour a great place to live, work and play,” he adds.

Meanwhile he says the NPRP draws on previous engagement and planning with community groups and council, outlining a vision for Nambour’s future.

“This project will provide a clear and detailed understanding of how the town centre will look and function, how much it will cost, and provide a roadmap for when each stage of construction can occur.

“Further feedback and collaboration with the community will occur and I am encouraging our residents and local businesses to get involved at those points.”

Peace Run Records event organiser and Nambour local Andrea Kirwin is she excited to program more events and be part of growing Nambour’s entertainment scene into the future.

“We have some great shows lined up in Nambour and consistent activation is what is going to make Nambour into a key destination for live music,” Ms Kirwin says.

“We’ve watched the Nambour Forecourt Live events grow in attendance over the past year, and our boutique music events on Queen Street and Black Box Theatre are also gaining traction as people realise there’s things happening in our town.

“I love supporting and promoting independent artists, programming fun community live music events, boutique festivals and hosting intimate live
music experiences in Nambour – and there are more exciting shows coming.”

The council is also making it easier and more cost effective for theatres, bars, nightclubs and hotel traders to establish in the Nambour Special Entertainment Precinct, slashing development application fees by 50 per cent to incentivise new business start-ups.

Exciting things are also happening at Nambour Aquatic Centre with the installation of two water slides.

The colourful slides, measuring 60 and 67 metres, will join the zero-depth and fully accessible splash pad already open as part of the new Splash Park.

The slides will open in the coming months, with an official celebration in September.

For more information of search ‘Nambour Centre Activation Project’ at

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