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Holistic living a path to health


Holistic living a path to health

A serious health scare led this Sunshine Coast mother to walk a different path to wellness, which she how shares with others.

A dangerous infection and three-month hospital stint has prompted a Sunshine Coast mother to help residents who are on their own path to finding wellness.

With a background in communication for social change, Cat Green has worked in various community engagement roles around the world, including with Iraqi refugees in Syria and with disaster resilience after the 2011 Brisbane floods.

But it was while working with farmers in Indonesia 10 years ago and contracting two infectious tropical diseases that the course of her life changed – for the better.

Having to learn to walk again and re-tone the muscles in her body, Ms Green turned to a holistic toolbox of mind, body and soul strategies to regain control over her health.

“My story starts in a hospital in Indonesia. I ended up in hospital for three months before being medevaced back to Australia,” Ms Green says.

“I almost got the whole plane quarantined, before being whisked straight to hospital quarantine.

“After not walking much for three months, I had lost lots of weight and muscle tone.

“Over the last 10 years, I have worked with amazing practitioners who have helped me on the return to vibrancy and vitality.

“I am the first to know what is working, what feels off, and when I need to dip into my personal toolbox of mind, body, soul strategies to regain balance,” she says. “It is imperative that we know how our bodies work, what messages they’re sending us.”

This experience inspired Ms Green to create her own business, Everyday Empowered, where she collaborates with a range of skilled practitioners and educators to run workshops and help people learn micro-skills for holistic living.

These micro-skills are designed to help people communicate with and understand their own body.

“It is how we learn to understand and care for our bodies in the small, humble, often hidden moments of daily life,” she says.

“It is preventative health. By seeing early warning signs you’ll have time to course correct while imbalances are still small.”

As part of her work, Ms Green is organising Sunny Coast HerbFest, happening on June 5.

The event will be a chance to celebrate local herbal practitioners and businesses and will feature speakers, a demonstration tent, market stalls, live music and a herbal-inspired kids’ corner.

“HerbFest is a celebration of the amazing herbal businesses and practitioners that work on the Coast,” Ms Green says.

“The quality, creativity and uniqueness of the handmade herbal products is amazing and it’s great to be able to stock up on locally made skincare, herbal remedies and first aid, bath salts and personal care products and herbal seedlings all at the same time.”

The event is from 10am to 1pm at Coolum State School. For more information and tickets visit

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