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Inspiring women


Inspiring women

Podcasts are helping us all sit up and take notice of females who have made their mark on history.

Looking for something new to listen to, or wanting to delve into the world of podcasts for the first time?

In honour of Women’s History Month, why not be inspired by some of the stories of females throughout the decades.

Women’s History Month runs from March 1 to 31. It highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society, corresponding with International Women’s Day marked last Friday.

There are so many extraordinary women in Australia and overseas who have contributed and continue to contribute to our history in various and meaningful ways.

Here are a few female-focused episodes or podcasts to check out this month. The following are all available on Spotify, or your favourite podcast streaming service.

Ms Represented

One hundred years after Australia elected its very first female parliamentarian, journalist Annabel Crabb and comedian Steph Tisdell chart the rise of women in Australian politics and the unbelievable things they got up to along the way over six episodes. The ABC also presented a four-episode docuseries on the topic, called Ms Represented with Annabel Crabb, which can be watch on ABC iview.

Future Women Leadership Series

The host and founder of Future Women, Helen McCabe, shares insights from some of the most-influential women on the sometimes complex challenges faced by them on the path to senior leadership. Leadership thought leaders will inform and at times challenge your thinking on what it means to be a leader and advise you on how to build respect and loyalty from your team members.


Seen talks to inspirational Australians who have come from under-represented backgrounds and communities and made astonishing impacts on our culture. Host Yumi Stynes gets deep and meaningful with trailblazers such as drag royalty Kween Kong, writer Yassmin Abdel-Magied, AFL Women’s star Darcy Vescio, disability activist Hannah Diviney, and domestic violence advocate Tarang Chawla. Each speak about the transformative moments they felt seen.

Rosie Batty and a decade of grieving

This March 1 episode of 7am reflects on the 10 years since Rosie Batty (who featured on the cover of My Weekly Preview in August 2022) had her world turned upside down by domestic violence. Grieving the loss of her son at the hands of his father, she used her heartache to put domestic violent on the national agenda.

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