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Pictured: Linda Delamotte, Chair Sunshine Coast Chamber Alliance


Joining forces

Pictured: Linda Delamotte, Chair Sunshine Coast Chamber Alliance

Throughout our region there are many chambers of commerce, and other business groups where locals and those new to town can join and immediately gain a connection to people in business who are warm, welcoming, supportive, and very inclusive.

The Sunshine Coast Chamber Alliance was established in 2009 when committee members from various chambers of commerce across the Coast came together so that, at a regional level, we could show our strength, combine resources and demonstrate a much louder voice that represented the Coast’s business community more broadly.

Our mission is to support and connect the region’s businesses and we continue to build strength in our collaboration across the region’s business community today.

This support and connection is focussed on enabling a thriving business community that can achieve success and innovation, and this in turn creates strength in employment and in the economy of the region.

Our members are the various chambers of commerce, business groups and clusters who have their own membership base. All Alliance initiatives are focussed on building a connected and collaborative network with shared messaging and communication, contributing to our membership
base, which means more people are connected and able to collaborate and maintaining connections with all levels of government.

We lead projects we believe will engage, inspire, and support the business community, and those projects currently include:

  • Sunshine Coast Business Awards – celebrating local business excellence
  • Business mentoring – like-minded business mentors supporting business owners to achieve their goals
  • Business Sunshine Coast – a digital platform that enables easy and cost-effective collaboration
  • Events – including our annual small business week celebration of all things business
  • Ripple effects – discovering and sharing business opportunities resulting from the large projects shaping our region.

Like the various chambers across the coast, the Sunshine Coast Chamber Alliance, is made up of volunteers who are committed to making a difference for businesses across the Sunshine Coast by connecting people, identifying and creating opportunities and by recognising and sharing the many successful businesses we have in our own backyard.

If you are not a member of your local chamber of commerce, we urge you to reach out and connect to them.  They offer a wealth of information and will ensure, as a local business owner, you are connected to the people in your region who help drive our economy from strength to strength.

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