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Kurt’s journey comes full circle to fuel students’ joy of sports


Kurt’s journey comes full circle to fuel students’ joy of sports

At Immanuel Lutheran College, a compelling story is unfolding – a story of transformation, sportsmanship and personal growth.

Kurt Jones, a former Immanuel student, has returned as a performance coach and physical education teacher, embodying the core values of the Immanuel spirit.

Kurt’s path took him through various avenues. While he initially considered a path in physiotherapy, his experiences with the Brisbane Broncos and Brisbane Grammar School shifted his perspective.

“The impact within the school setting was more substantial,” he says.

Guided by this newfound purpose, Kurt returned to Immanuel in 2022 with a clear vision: to create an athletic development program that reaches beyond competition.

“My goal is to cultivate physical literacy, life skills and resilience,” Kurt explains, underlining his dedication to nurturing well-rounded individuals – values aligned with Immanuel’s ethos of “the whole person is the whole point”.

Kurt’s mission is to empower more students, whether aspiring athletes or wellness seekers, to discover their love for sports.

His dedication goes beyond shaping future champions. It’s about improving children’s wellbeing through being active.

As interest in the program surges, Kurt’s enthusiasm is contagious, and he’s thrilled to guide more young individuals toward a life infused with the joy of sports.

Kurt’s journey is more than returning full circle to where his love of physical activity began. It’s a commitment to shaping the future of Immanuel’s sports culture. We can’t wait to see what’s ahead.


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