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Mayoral candidate seeks ‘voices’


Mayoral candidate seeks ‘voices’

An “optimistic guy with a sceptical eye” who is vying to becoming the next mayor of the Sunshine Coast is calling for a ‘citizen committee’ to examine matters happening in the region.

Michael Burgess, who is known for his prolific posts on social media, says now is the ideal opportunity to form a ‘voice to council’ that includes all candidates for mayor and divisional councillors.

Mr Burgess ran for mayor in the 2020 local government election and received about 10 per cent of
the vote. His campaign website says he studied mathematics at university and, with his wife, began a business that they built into a multi-outlet national chain of DVD stores and wholesale movie distribution employing more than 200 people.

The website states that he is standing for mayor because during his long association with the Coast, he has witnessed “a spirit of exploitation” becoming increasingly present. “I intend to represent the whole of the region in achieving the best combination of lifestyle, environmental regeneration and economic prosperity,” it states.

“It should be remembered we cannot preserve our lifestyle or regenerate our environment without the prosperity to support long-term jobs sympathetic to that lifestyle and environment. We must respond to the challenges of an increasing population and changing circumstances thrust upon us with new initiatives.”

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