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Mick’s legacy is to find better treatments


Mick’s legacy is to find better treatments

A Coast man’s family is aiming to help bowel cancer patients in the future through a special fundraising walk. WORDS: Caitlin Zerafa.

A Sunshine Coast family is hoping to raise awareness for a cause that tore their world apart, with the goal of making a difference to others facing a similar diagnosis.

The Sobey family has launched March for Mick: a 50-kilometre walking fundraiser to support groundbreaking research in the treatment of bowel cancer.

Linda Sobey’s husband Michael died from a rare form of metastatic bowel cancer in 2022 at the age of 50.

Mrs Sobey says her husband was fit and healthy, receiving the ‘random’ diagnosis in 2019 after suffering lower back pain.

She says March for Mick is a way to honour her husband, help others facing treatment and bring the community together – something Mr Sobey was always passionate about.

“I am devastated about Michael’s death and I want to be able to make a change on behalf of him,” Mrs Sobey tells My Weekly Preview.

“I don’t want his death to be in vein, and doing this allows me to feel that we are doing something and he’s still contributing to the world.

“There was nothing we could do for Michael, but maybe we can make a change for someone else.”

While Mrs Sobey acknowledges the important work in early detection of bowel cancer, she says more needs to be done in terms of treatment options.

She says her husband endured 40 “brutal rounds” of chemotherapy and 25 rounds of radiation in two years and four months, following his diagnosis.

“What Michael endured was horrific. There needs to be a better way,” Mrs Sobey says. “Until there is a cure for cancer, the next best thing is to raise money for treatment.”

Mrs Sobey says the campaign calls on participants to walk or run a total of 50 kilometres during the month of March, while raising money for the Garvan Institute of Medical Research.

The funds will support Associate Professor Thomas Cox’s research to develop more-effective treatment options for bowel cancer patients.

“I’m so excited it’s going to a project that’s happening right now and that every cent of this is going to that cause,” Mrs Sobey says.

“It’s a really great way for the community to get together, no matter where they are, and it’s great for fitness, too.

“And Michael was such a community-minded person and did so much for the community. So, it’s nice we can continue that as well.”

To participate in March for Mick or support the fundraiser, visit


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