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New faces to lead our local councils


New faces to lead our local councils

After Sunshine Coast and Noosa mayors both retired, two high-profile candidates are ahead in the election count to take their places.

The votes are in and the count is underway in the 2024 Queensland local government elections, which will determine the make-up of the Sunshine Coast and Noosa councils.

Both those local councils will have new mayors, with Mark Jamieson and Clare Stewart, respectively, stepping down.

As My Weekly Preview went to print, with 79.56 per cent of the vote counted, Rosanna Natoli had 27.31 per cent of the vote on the Sunshine Coast, ahead of Ashley Robinson with 24.51 per cent and Jason OPray with 21.65 per cent.

Min Swan had 16.24 per cent, Wayne Parcell 6.42 per cent and Michael Burgess 3.86 per cent.

In Noosa, with 78.55 per cent of the vote counted, Frank Wilkie had 40.07 per cent of the vote for mayor, ahead of Ingrid Jackson with 23.45 per cent.

Nick Hluszko had 21.04 per cent and John Morrall 15.44 per cent.

In the race for Sunshine Coast councillor roles, Jenny Broderick, Terry Landsberg, Tim Burns, Joe Natoli, Ted Hungerford, Taylor Bunnag and Maria Suarez held strong leads in their respective divisions, with between 54 and 80 per cent of the vote counted.

The vote is much closer in two divisions: current councillor Winston Johnston led Tracy Burton by just six votes in Division 5 (Sunshine Coast hinterland), while policeman Peter Walsh had 103 more votes than incumbent David Law in Division 10 (Nambour, Yandina and hinterland).

In the race for Noosa councillor roles, with 19.28 per cent counted, Nicola Wilson, Tom Wegener, Amelia Lorentsen, Brian Stockwell, Jess Phillips and Alecia Staines led the way.

Mayors and councillors are up for election across Queensland’s 77 local governments, with about 3.5 million people voting.

About 1.4 million electors had already voted before election day, the Electoral Commission Queensland (ECQ) says.

“This number represents over 40 per cent of eligible voters,” it says.

The local council elections took place on Saturday, March 16, alongside two state government by-elections.

The by-elections were in Inala and Ipswich West after respective members, former premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Jim Madden, resigned.

The official count commenced the next day.

The results website will be updated as counting progresses with the completion of official counts and the addition of returned postal votes.

The ECQ cannot declare any results until the outcome is mathematically certain and it may not be possible for it to declare a result until after the final cut-off for the return of postal votes on Tuesday, March 26.

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