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Providing a financial lifeline


Providing a financial lifeline

Cass Connolly is using her own life experiences and industry know-how to run a program that helps women regain control over their finances.

A Sunshine Coast mortgage broker is launching a new initiative to help women experiencing domestic or family violence regain control over their finances.

Like so many aspects of life for a woman facing or experiencing domestic violence, finances is one of the many items they often have no control over.

Mortgage broker Cass Connolly is hoping to shine some light in the darkness through her program Fab Femme Finance.

Fab Femme Finance is a way to educate and inspire women on all things budgeting and lending with a particular focus on helping women who are escaping violent or controlling relationships, have recently divorced or been widowed.

Ms Connolly, from Your Mortgage Coach, says she wants to help women take control of their finances and rebuild their future with confidence.

“I want women, not just locally but across the country, to know that no matter what financial situation they are in right now there is hope and moves we can make to improve it,” she says.

“There are women I have spoken with who have never had control of their finances in previous relationships, so I help them navigate the whole process.

“I have experienced my own challenges in life and combining that with my industry knowledge I feel as though I will really be able to change the lives of women going through difficult situations and help them achieve a bright future.”

Inspired by the work of SunnyKids here of the Coast, Ms Connolly is pledging to donate part of every loan she settles from the Fab Femme Finance group back to the organisation to help with its refuges for women and families experiencing domestic and family violence.

From the basics around bank accounts and budgeting, right through to applying for a home loan, Ms Connolly will work with the women to make sense of the whole process.

“No matter what someone’s financial position is, budgeting is the number one key to success, so that is something we do a lot of work on including how to set up their bank accounts.

“I am also extremely passionate about credit reports, and how we improve them to get better lending outcomes, so that is another topic I spend a lot of time on.”

Ms Connolly will also help with debt mediation and consolidation and cover topics such as how to navigate a financial separation.

“So much can be achieved if someone has the right support, tools and knowledge, and that is my main goal here,” she says.

“I want to help women gain confidence, take control of their finances, and turn around their lives.”

To find out more about the program visit


Local organisation SunnyKids works tirelessly to break the cycle of violence at a family level and give every child the chance to reach their full potential.
The organisation provides emergency accommodation, as well as domestic violence and referral counselling to local families in need, and partners with health, education and child protection agencies to keep children safe.

If you, or someone you know, is at risk, DVConnect offers 24-hour support on 1800 811 811, or phone Lifeline on 13 11 14. You can also contact SunnyKids on 5479 0394. If you are in a life-threatening situation, call 000 immediately.

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