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Simple changes to optimise health


Simple changes to optimise health

An Olympic champion and grandmother shares tips to live life to the fullest in her new wellness book.

Lisa Curry is a beloved Australian sporting champion and Sunshine Coast local. A triple Olympian, mother of three and grandmother of three, she has certainly had her fair share of highs and lows.

Lisa experienced a stage of having to re-learn her body, what movements worked for her and re-train her brain when considering her health, mindfulness and overall wellbeing. Age played a big role in these changes, along with many lifestyle alterations. Her new book Happy Healthy You is about cutting through the diet fads and health crazes and learning to apply simple principles, techniques, exercises and easy eating habits to your everyday life.

What prompted you to write this book? – We have over half-a-million women who we speak to on various channels through social media and email, and have so many fabulous articles and information, but it can be overwhelming for many busy women. We selected the best, most-simple and easiest information on wellness and health.

What can readers expect from the book? – Delicious recipes that you know are good for your health, light-bulb moments as you read about the four pillars of health and how to really live with energy and vitality and not just exist and accept illness and disease as a normal part of living.

You focus on four pillars in the book. Can you share more about that? – If I asked you to look after your self on a daily basis, then I would ask you to think about S for sleep: are you getting enough quality sleep? E for exercise: are you moving every day, getting your heart rate up and getting a bit of a sweat up each day? L is for lifestyle: are you living the way you want and being mindful of your surroundings, environment and people who you spend time with? F is for food: do you eat well most of the time? Are you eating for energy? Do you know that good food can help heal your body and mind? These four pillars of health are essential for a healthy body and life.

Who will this book appeal to? – The book will resonate across all demographics as prevention and education is our main focus in everything we do. I want to emphasise to everyone that it’s never too late to start changing habits and making a difference to your life. Remember: nothing changes if nothing changes.

You work with naturopath, Jeff Butterworth, on this book. Tell us more about this partnership? – Working with Jeff is always a learning experience as he’s so knowledgeable and while we have so much information on our website, the hardest part was deciding what to add to the book. Re-reading the book always reinforces what the most important things are to live by.

There are some great recipes in the book. Tell us more about that – Jeff’s wife Katrina is a foodie and photographer. So, most of the gorgeous meals they created and photographed together. They have eaten like this for the past 20 years. So, if you’ve ever wondered how a naturopath eats, this is it. My greatest wish would be to have someone make these meals, snacks and drinks for me every single day. I’m not a great cook and to me, cooking has always been a bit of a chore. With a busy life and busy kids, mealtime was always a bit of a rush. But now I truly realise the importance and benefits of nutritious meals. I live by the 80/20 rule. It’s what you do and what you eat ‘most of the time’ that gives you flexibility and enjoyment in life. When eating healthy, I live by what my mum used to say: buy small and eat it all.

Happy Healthy You by Lisa Curry and Jeff Butterworth, HarperCollins, RRP $45.

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