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Storyteller secures award


Storyteller secures award

A Beerwah writer who helps aspiring authors find their voice has been recognised by the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network.

There’s a Native American proverb that is, ‘Those who tell stories rule the world.’

This is something Beerwah-based ghostwriter Roxanne McCarty-O’Kane has felt in her soul for as long as she can remember.

Now Ms McCarty-O’Kane, who also writes as a freelance journalist for My Weekly Preview, has been recognised for her achievements at the recent Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network Awards, winning Micro Small Business Woman of the Year.

The passionate writer has been sharing people’s stories both in print and online since 2007 and moved into ghostwriting non-fiction books in 2018, a business she has been running full time since the end of 2019.

“For the past 14 years as a journalist, I have helped to tell stories that have shocked, educated, inspired, uplifted and cautioned as well as passed on the wisdom of the person I am working with,” she says.

“Now as a businesswoman, ghostwriter and writing mentor, I can take that to a whole new level and help aspiring authors to connect with themselves, their stories and their readers in a powerful way that transforms everyone involved.”

When it comes to sharing stories, Ms McCarty-O’Kane says she has learned three incredibly powerful techniques to bring words to life. “The first is that authenticity is the be all and end all.

“Secondly, stories that have the power to connect will change lives and lastly, when you open yourself up to the creative process and embrace the inner storyteller within, there is limitless potential for transformation of yourself and your business long into the future,” she says.

“I encourage you all to stand up and own your story – warts and all – because the world right now, more than ever, needs authentic storytellers just like you to be bold, brave and be the change you want to see.”

Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network president Min Swan says the awards are a wonderful way to highlight the incredible work of women in the region.

“Being nominated in the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network Business Woman’s Awards is about more than the business you are in,” she says.

“It is about all of who you are. It is about how you find balance in life, about how you contribute to the community and about what you put into your business.”

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