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Sunshine Coast welcomes new Uber way to connect with loved ones


Sunshine Coast welcomes new Uber way to connect with loved ones

Uber launches new connection service in 30 Australian locations, including the Sunshine Coast.

Need to get a spare roll of toilet paper to a mate? Or maybe cheer the grandparents up with a painting by the kids? Well, now you can.

From today, Uber is piloting a new product – Uber Connect, and the Sunshine Coast is one of only 30 Australian locations to score the service, which aims to help people stay connected with their loved ones during the coronavirus pandemic.

Whether it’s getting a care package to a friend in need, sending a last-minute gift to mum on mother’s day or sharing the kid’s masterpieces with their grandparents, Uber Connect is a new same-day, no-contact delivery option that keeps people feeling close, even when we’re apart.

Uber Australia general manager Dom Taylor says the new service, available via the Uber app, is designed to help people stay home, while staying connected to those who matter most to them.

“During this challenging time for Aussies we wanted to create an affordable way for people to create magic moments or send essential items to each other. We know Aussies want to help each other out and have seen a tremendous sense of community rise up in the recent weeks. While we’re urging people to stay home and not to travel, there’s no need to not feel connected,” he says.

How it works:
• Package the items in a sealed box or bag, wiping down surfaces with disinfectant.
• Tell your driver-partner ‘Where to?’ in your Uber app.
• Choose Uber Connect as the ride (you may have to swipe up for the option).
• Follow the notifications: You’ll get notifications providing instructions on how to help ensure a smooth pickup and when your driver-partner is arriving, just as you would with an UberX trip. As you see the car approach in the app, you should head outside and load your item into the car boot.
• Share the trip status with up to five people in your contact list. Unless it’s a surprise gift, one of these should be the recipient so they can easily monitor the delivery’s progress.

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